Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year, undies pics, a moose and a few more bits.

Check out this underwear... I hope the picture is good enough, but I thought this stuff was amazing. They were for sale at the local discount mall in Warsaw! Almost tempted to buy it since they were so... so .... so.

My sister has sent on a couple of the photos that I stole her camera to take, and this was in one of them. He is very nearly full size! If you recall, back here I talked about this fantastic artist and sculptor, this is one of the pieces he did. It was an amazing show.

This place is amazing. I particularily liked this for the guys(if you read it carefully, it even has a "mounting member"), and this for all the parents. Worth a look around here.

On a more sober note go here for a look at world wide stats on the impact that gender inequality has on the lives of women and children all over the world. It needs address. Here's a taste from the article linked to it: "A study by the International Food Policy Research Institute suggested that if men and women had equal influence in decision-making, there would be 13.4 million fewer undernourished children in South Asia."

Brightening, it is New Years Eve, and as usual I intend to ignore it completely, although my need to make a new calander has reached critical. May do that next. The Catalans don't do anything out of the ordinary that I know of, except that at midnight, you are supposed to stuff one grape in your mouth for every toll of the bell, and then at the end of the twelve you make a wish for the new year. Sounds a little dangerous, not in the I'm-really-cool,-what-a-way-to-go kind of dangerous but more in the she-died-doing-what????? kind of pathetic dangerous that leaves everyone snickering at your funeral.

The guys downstairs are going to have 9 or 10 people over for dinner, and then they are going to go out. The guests are just starting to arrive now at 9:30. The people do seem pretty sensible about the drinking here, at least they eat something first. Even the young bucks are having a dinner party before they head out dancing. Wonder what time they'll get home?

Bon Any Nou a tothom.


Beth said...

Happy New Year Oreneta!

Hey, the undies were great! shoulda bought some!

Mom of Three said...

Hmmmm...I can see why they were at the discount mart.

But I'd LOVE one of the Moose(s)!

Buen Nuevo Ano!

Beth said...

Finally, an "undies" picture. Can't understand why you didn't buy them!

Happy New Year!

oreneta said...

Beth: I was sorely tempted to buy them, whether they fit or not. I haven't figured out what size I am here, though shoes are remarkably uniform. I am a 40. Every time.

MoT: This guy was amazing. The photos I could find on the web didn't do him justice. Lots of fish etc etc etc.

Beth: As I told the other Beth, I was tempted, but after my previous useless underwear thong purchase coupled with the amount of money I had already spent that day on Birthday presents for my husband and both kids (is that unfair or what?) I couldn't quite spend anymore. Also had FINALLY gotten rid of my last polish zloty, and didn't want any more.

Happy New Year, hope your trip was great.

Anonymous said...

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