Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Too much damn clothing and shoes

Late at night, lovely day - again. Spent the day with my folks, as they are going home tomorrow. Checked out a beautiful palace on a lake in Warsaw. Had to wear these funky slippers over our feet to protect the floors. It is chilly here, although there is no snow which the kids have been PRAYING for..and the younger child SO hates wearing all this clothing. After wandering around in summer clothing for the last three years, she is seriously annoyed and whiney about it.

I will grant, I am hating it too, the weight and bulkiness and restriction of layer upon layer upon itchy binding layer. I miss my skin, and my kid's skin. Her hair gets caught in the velcro on the coat, and it itches if it is tucked in, but itches if it is out, the hat feels miserable and so does the hood... it is a battle. Then her hair slides forward and she cannot see, but she has giant mittens on...... I can empathise totally, but she is so miserable. Just not used to it at all. She also is taking a little while to realize that wearing nothing but a t-shirt under the parka is both chilly and impractical. Lots of places aren't heated anything like warm enough to just wear a t-shirt. I am with her though.

Take me where I don't have to wear all these damn layers of clothes. I hate socks. Bleahbleahbleah. I have faint memories of enjoying bundling up, but these have eroded away with time. Thank god I am not anywhere really cold. Although I will admit that the sandals I am STILL wearing are becoming entirely inadequate. The ladies handing out the funny slipper overshoes were all commenting amongst themselves when they noticed my completely inappropriate footwear. Can't say I blame them.

Checked out shoes in Spain and here in Poland, most I saw were either little girl flats with pretty stuff, or slut heels. Neither of which are me. You would think the fashion industry had outgrown this Madonna/Magdalen vision of women. You know wholesome or whore... I may have to buy men's shoes, they have a far cooler selection. Piss me off.


Beth said...

God, I love shoes..even the slutty ones, which I can't wear but wish I could.

I hate the cold too. We have lots of cold but no snow. I love summer and the sun and the heat..the hotter the better. I hope to move somewhere in the future that is always warm and my whole wardrobe will consist of shorts, t-shirts and flip flops!

Beth said...

It finally snowed in Toronto today - not much but it was white out there this morning!
Go ahead. Buy men's shoes. Many times I've looked for a plain t-shirt in women's clothing and end up in the men's department where I can find one without some dinky pink bow or glitz. (I've also been known to raid my sons' closets.) Guess I don't sound too "girlie," huh?

Dorky Dad said...

DANG THOSE SOCKS! I agree. Socks should be banned from the public sphere.

oreneta said...

Beth: I love shoes too, but the budget only allows for one pair, so I am being super freaking careful...and I am 2 inches taller than the husband in sock feet (did I mention that I hate socks?) and so big slut heels are a little much in my life, plus I would probably walk like a trucker in drag.

Beth: I may buy the mens shoes...we'll see. Found one good pair in Sain one day, on sale no less, and they didn't have my size...ah well

DD: Welcome back, couldn't get into your site last night. What happened? Anyway. of the devil. Honestly. Barf.

Mom of Three said...

No wonder photos of Poles or Russians show them looking so weighted down and somber looking. Just dressing up is depressing!

Give me shorts and a tank top anyday!

Nomad said...

GUFFAW!!!....Trucker in drag... gawd girl you ARE funny...(but I can see it...!!) No...NO!!'s not true!!(Wellll...maybe if you wore bright red lipstick...)

I have tried to buy mens shoes about 3 times, cause I LOVE brown oxfords with lace up and those little cut out saddle designs, every time it has not worked out, something about the proportions but you go girl!!! They would look great.

Yes for the socks but for me it is shoes or anything in general on the feet...

oreneta said...

Nomad: I think the men's shoes are too wide. i was seriously contemplating it and even tried some on. Wear the husband's now and then when I am desperate, and I float around inside like the freakin' anchor's dragging. Just too damn wide.