Sunday, March 4, 2007

Day one with Nomad...Barcelona. Oooops, should have posted this last night.

It is very very late, predictably we have stayed up late talking, and it is midnight.

Sagrada Familia today The official website is the pits, but if you google images Sagrada Familia, the images that come up are really good. It was stunning and amazing to go around with kids, who by their very nature lead you to look more closely at details and aspects of the design. It is also fairly neat that it is still under construction because as you walk around the pieces of masonry waiting to be mounted are sitting right there, and some of the molds, and little piles of tile....amazing

A huge, delicious tapas fest for lunch, the crowning piece of which was a sepia..cuttle fish, cooked whole delicately in oil and herbs and garlic. So good. I may go back there and order ONLY that and some bread. Absolute heaven and the texture was absolutely perfect. Mmmmm. It is past midnight, so I am not going to go into too succulent details... lets just say that we ate for three hours straight, and at midnight we all still feel full. Oh my. More later.

Stayed up talking and are skipping school tomorrow, and it is looking like a beach day. Oh it is all so good.

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