Monday, March 5, 2007

Friends, food and fun.

Teach, eat, beach, eat, teach, eat. Yuuuummmmmm Nomad cooked, heavenly risotto, and clams that were decadently yummy, and sausages, and olives and tomatoes, and strawberries. We are in the strawberry growing capital of Spain....mmmmmmm.

She made crepes as well, which we had with sugar and lemon juice from the lemon trees of one of my co-workers. Lovely and fragrant and flavourful. Mmmmm.

Ate dark chocolate on the beach too. Mmmmmm

The kids swam in the water. Now I'll let you know that it was a lovely warm day but that water was COLD. Not freezing, no where near it, and you don't even instantly develop aches up and down your legs, but C.O.L.D. Cold. Kids went in for full body wading, and came out bright pink all over. Brrr.


Teach, beach teach. Not only was it fun, but it rhymes!

Sat down to the 'puter at midnight so, ....bonna nit.


Beth said...

I knew it! Get you two together and I'm twice as hungry after reading your post!
Sounds like you're having a wonderful time - isn't talking with a "girlfriend" the best?
Food and friends and happy is good.

Beth said...

God, you guys always eat the BEST food, and then you have to torture us by describing all of it! Mean!!!!

Sounds great tho......jealous! ;)

oreneta said...

Beth: It is so so so wonderful. Really.

Beth: Promise, I'll describe some of the boring regular food I eat too in later posts.