Monday, March 12, 2007


Went for a walk today in an area I hadn't been in before, a little ridge that sticks out,in the neighbouring town. I was hoping that there would be some good views, but the rich folks that live there are greedy even of the view, and the fences were so high on every side that there was nothing to be seen. The recompense for this however was that as I came around and started down off the ridge, I heard a weird hissing noise in one of the gardens. Upon closer inspection, picture both Chuck and me with our faces jammed into a hedge and rears aimed at the road, I discovered what was making the noise. A great big EMU!!!! Go figure! Not only that, but there were a bunch of baby emus!!!!Well, I never expected that anyway. I'll be going back with the girls for sure. Here's a link to the Wiki page about emus, that has pictures of both adult and baby emus. Sorry still no camera.

Between that town and ours there is a large open area that was certainly a farm at one point and has the large masia - which is a fortified farmhouse - on the property, looking a little derelict. We always assumed it was private, but as I came to the end of the road on this ridge, I discovered a very well used path, hmmmm. I started along it, wondering if large wolfish dogs or men bearing arms would appear...sometimes there are advantages to being a woman. I am much less likely to get shot. Merely viewed as a stupid foreigner. It was lovely. A woman appeared, and I asked her if it was private and she assured me it was fine for me to go there. So gleefully I set off. There are trails all over the place, it will be such fun to explore. As well, while walking along, I was overwhelmed by the most beautiful scent. Have you ever been seized by a honeysuckle and found yourself wandering the road in search of the source of the lovely fragrance...well, it was just like that. It was this spindly big bush, with the occasional flower, I picked one and brought it to my nose. It is about the size of a buttercup, but shaped more like an iris or an orchid. Yellow. It has the most impossibly sweet and penetrating scent. It seems unreal, like the artificial scent in bubble gum sometimes. It has a touch of banana to it, but is heavenly, actually, almost too much. Quite amazing.

The husband had the big work sponsored check-up. They did it on site in a truck. Checked his sight with this glasses, he had a hearing test, and electrocardiogram, I think, anyway, he lay down and they glued things on his chest. They looked in his ears and nose and took his blood pressure, but the lady who does the blood tests wasn't there so no breakfast again in anticipation of the cholesterol test tomorrow. Interesting what they did and didn't do. I find the truck at work approach a neat one. Makes sure everyone gets a basic check-up anyway.

Worked this morning, and more work this afternoon and this evening. It is a beautiful day, and that little flower is scenting the apartment. We'll have to walk over and see the emus soon. Isn't that astonishing.

Oh, and it turns out that two houses were destroyed in the fire on the weekend. A shame.


Beth said...

Your walks with Chuck seem to bring you such a sense of peace and contentment - as well as providing you with new adventures. Lucky you.
(It's just not the same walking a dog around here.)

Jocelyn said...

Thanks for taking us along on your meander. I love the emus!

What a find.

Dorky Dad said...

Where are the baby emu pictures???????????


oreneta said...

Beth: I imagine that the adventure and discovery around the walks will diminish over time, you cannot go on finding emus and stunning smelling flowers forever I imagine, it does keep it lively though. The weather here is nicer for walking right now too. I kind of dread the hot hot. Although we will be in Canada by then so it shouldn't be SOOOO bad.

Jocelyn:Isn't that weird? Emus.

DD: I am so sorry, I still haven't got a camera....I'll have to draw you a word picture when I go back with the kids. Or steal bandwidth off the net.