Friday, March 16, 2007


Well, I am a mite delicate today. I suppose that is the right word. You could also say crabby as all get out. Our stairwell to get out of the apartment has a unique feature. There is a special circle in hell for people who design these things. The ceiling over stairs normally runs smoothly down over your head. Sometimes in the event of an extremely old building, there are pieces of masonry jutting out. This building is not that old. The designer of our place has, in his infinite wisdom, decided that an interesting design feature for the building would to place a large sharp concrete ridge part way down the roof. I clear it by about half an inch.

When I am in a hurry, that is another matter. I was in a hurry today. A really big one. One where I was RUNNING full bore down the stairs.

I think I have a ditch running laterally across the top of my head. I didn't actually fall down when I hit it, but I cried and that takes some doing. I have had a headache all day. It hurts with every step I take.

Mom, because I know you read this....I have not taken any meds in case I concussed myself, but I haven't. I am fine pupils are not dilated, no nausea, no sleepiness, beyond the normal.... just a whopper of a headache and a certain tendency to grumpiness and weepiness. Blah.

Then to compound the joy, while I was taking Chuck out for a pleasant walk in the sun, we met up with a loose dog. There are a few of them around here, and I have met this one before. While Nomad was here in fact. He follows us relentlessly, and spends his entire time with his nose pressed to Chuck's butt. We don't go very fast because Chuck doesn't like it much. Can't say I blame him. If I shout at the dog, he goes away a step or two, but doesn't leave. This is a mite frustrating if you want to do more than spin in circles and yell. To compound it all, the local people think that the dog belongs to me, and I am obnoxiously allowing my dog to sniff them etc. etc. etc. He is a really freaking big German Sheppard too.

The man and I have come up with a solution. We're going to get some rope and if I meet him I am going to tie him up to something, then go on with my walk. On my way home I will let him go, if he hasn't chewed himself loose, and then he can follow us home from there if he so wishes. Hopefully after a few goes at this, he will avoid me.

That is two people that I have roundly cursed today, the designer of our stairwell, and that dog's owner.


Anonymous said...

So sorry about your head! Ouch...

That dog sounds annoying but perhaps a bit of rope will do the trick. Good luck.

Beth said...

It takes a whole lot of pain to make me cry too - so if you cried, I bet that was one doozy bang on the head.

Maybe a tiny concussion? (You know I'm crazed on that subject.) All you could do if it was a concussion is take it easy anyway while the symptoms go away. So baby yourself for a few days.

And no chasing crazy dogs!

Nomad said...

oooh you poor soul!!

I feel for you 'cause I know you are one tough cookie and the very antithesis of a whiner...Aaah, gee I AM so sorry!!

I hope you feel better tomorrow.

Re the dog, perhaps you might try something else that won't piss the dog off (or worse) or a possibly absent owner, try packing a decent water pistol or just a bottle of water with a squirty lid and nail him between the eyes a few times. He won't know what has hit him, won't suffer any harm and likely won't come near you again.
I've done it and it works great.

Gosh I DO hope you feel better, you could ice it maybe?


Beth said...

OMG! That poor stairwell....did you crack it? dent it? bruise it? ;)

yikes, take it easy. Are you tall? Maybe chuck should take care of that dog, huh?

oreneta said...

Trish: Thanks, We'll let you know about the rope trick.

Beth: Yeah, I'll be taking it easy for sure

Nomad: I'll try the trick with the water bottle. Then I don't have to handle the dog anyway.

Beth: Unfortunately I didn't manage to crack it, and yeah, I'm kinda tall.

Helen said...

I was going to suggest the water pistol too, safer not to handle a strange dog anyway. Shame about the bump on the head - it reminds me of a time your dad took me out in a dinghy and went about before I could duck - they heard the crack of my head on the boom from the beach! I had a real headache that night (it was in Spain when you were little) Hope it's better now