Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pictures of Chuck!!!

Pretty nice looking, eh?

Sleepy dog

Wondering what the heck I am doing holding that thing up to my face.

Waiting for a walk.

Ok, he looks kind of nervous in this one, but we took it a long time ago...he doesn't look like that so often anymore.

There you go folks, the long awaited photos of the dog...I've got a couple from around the town I may try tomorrow.

Bought peas and favas at the market today....and get this...2 KILOS of artichokes for a Euro...we've already eaten six and haven't started trying yet. Mmmmm. I love spring. The cookbook came too, and some of the books the kids ordered as a birthday gift from my sister...massive excitement all around.


Boo and Trev said...

Ahh he's lovely. What a kind face. He looks like he might have border collie or german shephard but probably the Spanish equivalent. I think he's a lucky dog to get you

Beth said...

At last - and well worth the wait!
What a sweet, intelligent looking dog. (I'm partial to mutts.)
My favourite is the first one - that noble pose as he gazes off into the distance...

Nomad said...

Ah, very sweet and too true to form, uncanny how much he looks like a skittish fox in the last one...

sweet pooch..

Beth said...

Oh, he SO looks like a Chuck! I'm kinda partial to that name since my first boyfriend was chuck.

He's a very fine looking dog and sucha sweetie. Hard to imagine life without him now, huh?

I've never had an artichoke before....are they good?

Dorky Dad said...

That is a great looking dog you have there! He looks like a dog I once had as a kid.

... but where are the baby emus?

Vince and Maria said...
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oreneta said...

Vince and Maria said...
He is a pretty dog and a wonderful addition to the Orenets. We would like to answer your questions directly but don't have an email address. send us a message at vm(dot)amante(at)gmail
we are escaping GT tomorrow for the Jimentos and Ragged Islands. In a couple weeks returning to GT for Family Island Regatta and the visit of CeccaBecca (our daughter Cecca and her friend Becca) They should be enormous fun.
So greetings to you and the Orenets. Looks like you are finding great vegtables and a good life in Catalonia. vinnie and maria

Nomad said...

Too much personal info..well done.
Ha, guess the Orenets are WAY better than the Orneries... No?Miss you.

oreneta said...

Boo and Trev: He is definately a collie/german sheppard mix, but given his colouring, I think more of a lassie collie than a border collie...they are more popular here too.

Beth: The girls agree with you on the picture, and like the first one best, I kind of like the third...

Beth: Artichokes are DELICIOUS. My husband scorns them...just a way to eat butter. I fail to see the problem there...If you get your hands on some, the leaves should be nice and tight. Slice off the stem flush with the bottom, and slice off the top about a third of the way down, rub it with lemons so that it doesn't go brown, and neither do your finger tips. Drop it in boiling water...I know, you should steam them, but I cannot and they are still really good. They need to boil for a while, depends on the size, but a they should be tender where the stem attatched...haul them out, let them drain briefly, and then put them on the plate. WHich way up is a highly debated topics, that has been known to divide families, so I am not going to go there. Pull off a leaf, and dip it in melted salted butter...I prefer to sort of scoop a little puddle of butter up, and then scrape the little fleshy bit off the end. As you work your way in, you can eat the entire leaf, and then at the inside they get small and spikey and kinda unfriendly and so you pitch those. Finally there is a furry bit in the middle, scrape it out, and eat all the rest, th heart. Of course liberally smeared with butter. Mmmm.

Was that too much information or what?

DD: The baby emus are running around like giant humbugs...I put a link to some photos on that post if you want.

V and M: I'll e-mail you tomorrow. So jealous.

Nomad: When you guys get a boat, bear in mind that it's name is your name...we are the Orenetas to many many people, and you will be greeted by that name...chose wisely. Passing wind may not be a good boat name choice for instance. I really do know a boat with that name....!