Tuesday, March 6, 2007


The big event of the day was a trip to the Joan Miro exhibit, that I also went to with my folks a few weeks ago. I posted about it, but it is too late and I am too tired to give you a link, just go back a bit and there are all sorts of goodies.

We brought the kids drawing stuff, and they had a grand time sketching some of his work. They were most interested in the sculptures, which surprised me, because they seem harder to draw. It was wonderful though because they were so engaged with the work and with Miro's art, in such a focused way. They did drawings from different sides of the sculpture, and I have to say that ALL of them produced impressive work. Nomad's youngest's was faintly Picasso-esque as she is a little young to have an accurate grasp of how to place the various features in relation to each other, but it was recognisable. I was truly surprised and impressed by the quality of some of the work they were making. Miro of course was fantastic. The temporary exhibit that was on when I last went was unfortunately closed, but there was still plenty to see.

I overheard an interesting conversation today while the kids were sitting on the floor drawing. A woman came in, she was probably in her later 50's and very elegantly dressed, blonde and she looked pleasant and basically cheerful. With her was a dark haired, intense looking younger woman. The blonde came up and was looking at the children drawing and looking at their work, smiling and she looked delighted, but did not interrupt them at all. She tried to engage her companion in conversation about the kids several time, but the younger woman was intent on giving her opinion and history of the art and what Miro had been attempting to accomplish. An art history lecture of sorts. After several tries, mentioning that the kids were drawing, and that it was pretty good, she gave up. Ironically what the younger woman was so intent on, and so unwilling to be deflected from, to the point of rudeness and complete unawareness of the world around her, was the fact that her 'lecture' at this point was about Miro's emphasis on seeing through a child's eyes, and that he was determined to get the child's perspective on the world.

I suspect that the older blonde has more hope of understanding what Miro was all about.


Dorky Dad said...

Some people just absolutely refuse to be interrupted from their lectures on anything -- even when the interruption would be apropos to their lecture. Funny.

oreneta said...

Strange isn't it. No ability to look beyond the end of their noses.

Beth said...

I commented here yesterday but forgot to click Publish after Preview.
Sorry! (I've done this on other sites too. Duh.)

It kind of went like this:

Admire the wonderful things you expose your chidren to - and a tad envious!
Re: the blonde, the dark haired woman, the children and Miro. What an example of irony. And what a lost opportunity for the dark haired lady. Silly woman.

oreneta said...

Beth: I have also lost blog comments, sometimes through my own mistakes, but sometimes blogger seems to eat them.

Every now and then I seem to pull it together as a Mom. Watching them sketching in the Museum was one of those moments when I seemed to do it right.