Friday, March 9, 2007

Mish Mash

Well everyone, I am sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was embroiled in a massive catch up. I felt kind of down about Nomad leaving, and had stuff to do that I had not even thought about while they were here, and I was just plum tired. She must be more wrecked, they had to take three different trains to get home. Glurg.

Hope you made it OK Nomad...

Here's a question I am putting out to all of Mom sent me a reference to this outfit that offers on-line writing classes. Do any of you know of another crowd that does these? Or do you know anything about them? Have you ever done a course like this and how was it? Insanely I am toying with the idea of trying something like this. I know I said that I would never complain about not having enough time in the you can all just shout me down now, but honestly...I cannot get to everything I want to and need to do in a day. Maybe my ambitions just exceed my time. Then again, Putin doesn't have to do dishes or laundry. *grouse grouse grouse* Yes Nomad, I'm missing you. Blech.

Seriously though, I also find that my rather rigid priorities on some things limit my time available for others. When my kids and husband are around, that is what I want to be doing. not studying or blogging or writing. Then there is walking the dog, and teaching, and the everyday garbage like cleaning and groceries. At this point I cannot remember when I last picked up a paintbrush. I am out of practice at handling these issues. I will have to gouge out time as dedicated and refuse to budge from it. Urgh.

I cannot even find time to do Catalan classes, although that has more to do with my erratic schedule, and the -shall we say challenging - Catalan schedule of eating.

In the bakeries now there are bunyols de quaresme (SP?????) These are Lenten desserts. I know isn't that a bit of a contradiction in terms? Anyway, my local backer has three types. One looks like deep fried donut holes rolled so heavily in sugar that the outside is all but invisible. The next is basically the same, but sliced open with cream. The third is bigger and looks for all the world like a deep fried croissant, again HEAVILY sugared. Now doesn't that get you hungry. I am pretty sure from what she said that the big one has either cream or custardy stuff inside it. The weird thing is that they are only made on certain days. Of course only over the Lenten period, but here's the catch. The two first ones, the smaller, are only made on Tuesdays and Fridays. The big ones only on Fridays. WHY? I have no idea. My Catalan doesn't stretch that far, and I suspect that the answer will simply be, "it's traditional." There is also a crema de Saint Josep that they are making around now which sounds a bit like a stove top lemon custard, but I haven't had a chance to try it.

Will I ever post about something other than food?


Nomad said...

Ooh you are SO sweet, I still am having a fun hangover(that is what we call it) and yes we are all a little pooped, I have parked the K's in front of the T.V since they are so shattered...

We. Got. Home. At. Midnight.
(instead of 7 in the evening)
6 (SIX)!!trains later, seems catching the train further up the line ...not suchagoodidea. Nope

The kids were ok only 2 hissy fits by Mom to keep them from dashing themselves onto the tracks...

Thanks for a fab time, gosh we had fun, so good to connect and talk about all the stuff we love no?

I SO hear you re the time in the day(my line So much to do So little time)...but I think Putin has a

Look into a Euro rail month pass to come wot Germ. France has some very good deals and specials for kids.

oreneta said...

You had to take 6 trains!!!! Dear lord, I am so so sorry, that must have been absolutely appalling, I cannot imagine how they were by 11pm. Oh my dear, how awful.

Beth said...

I checked out that link for those on-line writing courses. Pretty expensive! The one I just took cost $15.00 and was great. Check out different Yahoo Groups and also Google on-line writing courses - before you pay the big bucks. The course I took (now over) was pretty lenient in terms of assignments. The old "you get out of it what you put into it" theme. If time is an issue for you, you might be better off taking one that doesn't pressure you and doesn't cost so much money.

And you DO post about a lot of interesting things other than food!

oreneta said...

Beth: please if you will, let me know about that course for $15. I haven't seen any for less than a couple of hundred...and if you took it and liked it, so much the better.

kate said...

Hmm, what kind of writing are you interested in doing? I can recommend some books that you can use without a class. I'm sure a Google will turn up lots of options for classes, though the quality will probably vary widely... Good luck!

And isn't there something a bit odd about making special sweet desserts for Lent? It seems a bit contradictory, though I'm not one to turn down a sweet dessert (and I'm not Catholic, anyway...)

oreneta said...

Kate: Primarily non-fiction, aimed at a book. If you had any books, I would love the list...I will check google.

I agree with you about the sweets at lent, it does seem fairly odd. They may be pretty yummy though.

kate said...

oreneta, I am working on a list for you-- if you want, I can email it (my email address is in my profile...)