Saturday, April 14, 2007


Grumpy grumpy grumpygrumpygrumpygrumpy.

Meeting last night...only 2HOURS LONG!!!! and we accomplished almost nothing. OMG. I hate meetings.

That said...*whew*....after the seemingly endless and frustrating meeting I met the man and the girls at the cultural center where one of my language students, an accomplished sculptor was having an exhibition. We had a fantastic time. The sculptures are stunning, they will be touring in Europe this summer, and we ran into a bunch of folks we knew...*kiss kiss*, we may have found a lead on art teachers for the girls, we ran into some neighbours, and the lady with the greyhound that Chuck loves was there....she is wonderful. She is a linguist, she speaks Catalan, Castillian, German, English and Italian for sure, there may be more. We had a long and delightful conversation, actually several, and we are going to meet up with her, and 12 other dog owning families who are organising a lunch on the beach with the dogs....then finally she proposed that we help each other with language, we'll trade Catalan for English lessons. I am so HAPPY. She is a native speaker who has a fascination with grammar, the perfect teacher, and she just needs practice with oral English. She is at the stage where she sounds fluent with a light accent, but still confuses me sometimes....

It was so nice to realise how many people we knew and to *kiss kiss* our way through the party and then out the door.

Lovely evening.

Dog is not so well today again, d*mn it.

*grumble grumble grumble*

I had a nap and a big lunch, that seems to have helped the grumpiness.

The man went into BCN to see a show about the bombing of Barcelona, not a show for the kids, and not one I am desperate to he went alone. He's cooking dinner, and hung the laundry up to dry. What a wonderful man.


I got an e-mail in Castillian from the on-line camera company that I couldn't decipher, so I copied it off to friends in town, who just e-mailed back to say that everything is fine, and it is being sent to the transportation people...maybe next week????? YEAH!!!!


Beth said...

What a happy sounding day - despite the "grumpiness."

And what a coup to have found that woman - the linguist. Also sounds like she could be a friend...

Mom of Three said...

I am always grumpy when one of my kids (furry or not) is not doing well because worry makes me grumpy.

You guys aren't feeding that recalled food there, are you? It's been horrible here, especially in Oregon with over 60 cases and more on the way. Just awful.

Jocelyn said...

A picnic with 12 dogs there? Sounds like the humans won't get much to eat.

You *are* gathering community there, bit by bit!

oreneta said...

Beth: With any luck, she'll be a friend too....

Mof3: That is probably the source of a fair amount of the grumpiness...I haven't heard that it is recalled food, he's still eating out of the same giant batch we've had for a month or more, so that is porbably not it.

That is dreadful isn't it.

Jocelyn: I thought the same thing about the picnic... but that is not what she said...they are planning on bringing tables(!) and everyone keeps an eye on everyone's dog I am told. I think I will bring something I can eat while running up and down a beach....

Boo and Trev said...

Have you tried varying Chuck's diet. Gromit will get the runs if he has wet food (if you know what I mean). We had to try a few types before we got one that suited. I also know people with dogs with delicated digestions who make their own dog food. Rice and chicken - that kind of thing.