Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!!!!!

Well, Easter here was pretty quiet, but a lot of fun....

The Easter bunny was out last night...she had a drink of milk, and spent a fair amount of time trying to make rhyming clues for the kids to follow for their load of chocolate....they were pretty delighted that we could even get chocolate bunnies here....there isn't any such thing in the Bahamas, they had to be content with regular old chocolate. Though that wasn't so bad.

Last year the Easter bunny either forgot or fell asleep too early and the girls had to go back up forward while a hunt was devised...a rather makeshift affair, but fun nonetheless. We never found one of the chocolates on the trail....until we were putting the boat away in the spring.

This year was better organised. One big bunny at the end, and a trail of clues to find. I was always appalling bad at following the clues when we were kids and always had to ask my little sister for help. Much to the amusement of everyone. My brain simply didn't work the same way as the bunnies and the clues were completely opaque. Not so little sis, thank goodness, or we'd still be searching now.

Easter is a big deal here, and the stores are full of the most amazing goodies....really gorgeous. Lots of cakes, and chocolate everything. Houses and soccer balls...these are big sellers, and Ronaldhino and well, if you can think of it it is probably available made of chocolate. Definitely a big day for the pastisserias, they can't be sleeping much these days.

The girls had to be content with a simpler chocolate bunny, but the one that arrived is pretty good...lots of chocolate, nice and thick, and it is good chocolate too.

The elder child also made everyone Easter presents....little plaster of paris nests with eggs in them. All painted. She loves to make and give gifts. They are really lovely.

The chuckster is still limping...not badly, but a bit.

Struggling on and on with trying to buy a is not simple to do, for a number of reasons. Linguistic, geographic, financial and sheer complexity. Frustrating. It is kind of like the randomness of airline tickets, which I also hate buying. They are very expensive, and the prices are so completely random, it depends on so many variables that you cannot predict. I don't like it.

The struggle continues with getting the flights to Canada and home again organised, another on and on and on sort of purchase. bleach. This is coming out less content than I am feeling. I wonder why. *wail*


I went for a two hour walk in the woods with the girls and the dog...I think he has a cut or splinter on his foot, hence the limp. Anyway, between the opera singing, rock climbing and view admiring, I debated what I really wanted in a camera...big optical zoom, optical image stabilisation, manual controls....I downgraded from the dream camera...only 7 million megapixels instead of 10.1, but I'm not a pro and it'll do and then some. A good bit cheaper too. I've bought it, and should get it by the end of the week with any luck. Maybe early next week.


Oh, it's a Panasonic DMC FZ7. I was craving the 50, but the cost-benefit didn't add up. This should be camera enough for me.


....................later still................Chuck is such an energetic dog...he lay down while the man was leashing him up to go out for the last walk of the night. Gotta move fast, or he'll go to sleep on ya.


Beth said...

Glad to hear the Easter Bunny made it to your home!

Your eldest daughter's gift? One of those treasures you keep forever. I have a few of those...

oreneta said...

Yup, the bunny made it...the chocolate's already I'm the only one craving some....maybe tomorrow.....?