Friday, April 20, 2007

Taxes and bad taste...

I was working on my taxes today. Good grief. The eldest went by and said it looked like the worst math homework ever. She's about right, and we don't even have to factor in the Spanish thing yet. *gulp*

The kids are absolutely camera crazy....we're going to have to work on the delete idea a little more, but I managed to get a hold of the machine for a bit, and took these....they are, well not ALL over the town, but reasonably common.....

and oh so UGLY!


and grumpy,

and dopey,

sleepy I think,

no, maybe this is dopey...what does that make the other one? Or is he sneezy?

Um, what's in his pipe?
Is there a stone-y?

The John Lennon dwarf

I've no idea AT ALL....

Pontificating dwarf?

I saw these early on in our travels and was well, startled by their ugliness. you can find bad taste anywhere it seems. The man had to go into work today which is kind of a shame, but we are going down to see a re-enactment of a roman legion by some roman ruins in town, ya know, just over the road. Weird, eh?

Tomorrow we may go into BCN to the science museum which is supposed to be excellent. We'll see.

We went over to a friends house last night, it was quite an international group....a dutch fellow, who speaks Catalan, Castillian, English, Dutch obviously, and a smattering of German, his catalan wife who speaks Catalan, Castillian Dutch, English, some French, and can probably struggle in German, then there was another woman who is a native speaker of Dutch and Spanish and has workable English....she is studying Catalan now, and then me. English with a touch of Catalan, and a tiny touch of french. I find endless opportunity here for feeling ignorant.

We had a lovely time and they are fantastic people, we are so lucky to have met them. She is the lady who interprets the school for was a treat to go over to someone's house and see them there. I did get espresso at 5:30 pm, so I probably lay in bed and twitched all night, I didn't think I would sleep at all, but that wasn't too bad.

Roman's ho....


Beth said...

Are those really the Seven Dwarfs? And why are they so popular there?
Glad to hear you had a night out with friends - you are so getting into the social scene there!

oreneta said...

I have NO IDEA!!! It is a wonder to me as well, some day, I will find out...maybe I'll ask at work tomorrow and see what they say.