Monday, April 16, 2007


OK, crazy day,

walk dog
get kids up
feed kids
let eldest stay home after a particularly moving "I'm sick" performance
drop youngest at school
teach some more
home and eat
feed my face a bit
try to reach the woman who wants English answer
walk dog...the baby emus are still there, if the camera comes soon enough I'll get a photo, though they aren't as cute
Fish a turd out of my dogs mouth with my hand...could we amputate that now? I don't want it anymore. *Can I vomit now?*
Wash hand
wash hand again
one more time
go to school and pick up youngest
wash hand
get dog and go to vet
clean bill of health YEAH!
go home
wash hand
feed kids
make them do English school work
take kids to school
wash hand
do dishes
(I put that one off on account of the hand)
get kids from school
go home
wash hand
eat dinner

*puff puff puff*

In a bout of unmitigated cruelty that is going to make those of you

where it is SNOWING HATE is sunny and

HOT and the orange trees are flowering and they smell absolutely sublime.


Beth said...

Thanks alot...I now hate you. sorta! ;)

Joanne PL said...

You really do live there
- sounds great - even without the high temperature (NOT jealous as just returned from weekend in Rome - remember Rome? - Wow!!!)

Beth said...

Hmm...hate is too strong a word. Envy works.
How's the hand? Probably quite dry after all that washing.

Nomad said...

LOL...girl you make me shriek!!
(Gawd what I DO HATE is that there is no spell check on comments!!)
Yeah sunny here too and I think the Wisteria will bloom this week...) gee ... I think I need to wash my hand now too...(visceral sympathetic reaction)


DO take a break...though I am RUNNING right along with ya!!

Nomad said...

Oops was that camera comment directed at me? I do not think it will be compatable with your current computer, do you care? I can still send it thoughit may be more trouble than it is worth.
Let me know

Terrie Thompson said...

Thanks for checking my blog. I couldnt stitch myself but I think I could do someone else if I had to. Butterfly tape is an awesome thing to have. The weather is beutiful hear in FL. USA also everything blooming and clear blue skies. I have to go wash my hands now.

Dorky Dad said...

Mmmm ... orange trees.

Actually, it's sunny and in the 70s here. And it's about dang time.

oreneta said...

Beth: Sorry...sorta;-)

Joanne: ROME!!! Is it as fantastic as I remember....gotta get there again....

Beth: Yes, the hands a little dried out, but at least it isn't as disgusting....blech.

Nomad: No the camera comment wasn't aimed at you, I've bought one on line, and I am sitting here WAITING for it....tick tick, tick...

Terrie: It's a nice time of year in Fl....and yeah, I love those butterfly stitches too.

DD: I had never smelled orange trees before. They make me relate to the dog, I could just stand around there for a while sniffing...