Monday, March 10, 2008

Alice is in my way.

I had the morning set aside for work I had to do. Youngest, however, is ill. Not terribly ill, just a bit yucky feeling and she doesn't want to get out of bed.

In a bid to get the work done I played the one and only audio book that we have here (the rest are on the boat in Florida) : Chitty chitty bang bang, which is fantastic, but it only lasts for an hour and a half; so, using (which is fantastic), I found Alice in Wonderland, which is playing as I write on the computer. The only problem is that it doesn't really let me concentrate on my work. I don't know about when I was a teenager, but at this stage, I find it difficult to filter out extraneous noise when I am trying to concentrate. Maybe it is a Mom syndrom kind of thing, you know, you learn to never quite turn off the background noise....Chuck is also being a little needy which is rather difficult to work around too.

Then there is the feeling that I should hang out with sick youngest as she isn't really sick enough to just glom around in bed. Even when I can concentrate, I have to get up to get food, clean a spill, get a drink..whatever...

I think it would be best if I just try and work tonight, or later. Though when is the problem. There is only so much time I can carve out of a day.

I am kind of enjoying Alice though I must say. Quite the trippy book that one...I don't quite know what to make of it as I listen.


youngest is much much better, and went to school this afternoon.


Beth said...

Your theory about a "Mom Syndrome" re: noise hit home. Great explanation. And even when the kids aren't around, the syndrome stays with you.
I have never understood how my kids can study with music playing in the background.

oreneta said...

Beth, being a Mom changes you in countless ways forever and ever and ever....

dawn said...

I don't like extra noise. I am distracted by conversation when I am trying to write. I think it is the overlapping words. I can handle music if it isn't too loud, and if I am painting or doing other crafts, I can listen to/watch sporadically, the TV. I like a little diversion when doing those things.

elPadawan said...

beth, orenata, I'm going to get jealous. Because the chances of me being a mom are pretty slim :D.

Just kidding. I kinda suffer from the same syndrome, but very probably not for the same reasons. If I need to suppress background noise and concentrate, speechless music is what will work best. Classical music symphonies, anyone? ;)