Thursday, March 27, 2008


I was off at the dentist today. Everybody's favourite place. Though my kids actually said that they both like going! And yes, they have had cavities and needles. Something is going right in the world of dentistry today.

I was being fitted for a bite guard. I think that's what you call them, one of those plastic jobbies some folks wear at night to stop them grinding their teeth. Well, I don't think I grind my teeth in my sleep, but my jaw is one clicking swinging grinding mess when it opens and closes, and the approved treatment is one of these oh-so-romantic things. Good thing I've been married a while now.

It also keeps me from hurting my teeth when I am lying on my stomach and the weight of my head is resting on my jaw and teeth...leaving me with an ache in the morning sometimes.

It was quite a vocabulary challenge doing this in Catalan. Especially as she was wearing a mask, and using that (horrid) drill job to grind down the guard to make it fit better. *gasp*

One of the things that is fun about my job though is that today alone I have discussed the quirks of Catalan, Spanish and English phonetics, grammar and syntax, done extensive vocabulary around the parts of the body...jugular vein and aorta level, not head and shoulders.... discussed art in Holland, sung three national anthems, and heard two sung for me, played a wicked game or six of go fish (excellent for questions and answers as well as numbers), taped a (too quiet/tech problem) version of the ABC song, and scraped out of the dregs of my memory this little rhyme, lets see if you know it too:

Star light
Star bright
First star I see tonight

I wish I may
I wish I might
Get the wish I wish tonight


Beth said...

I always said (still do when I look at the stars) - "Have the wish I wish tonight."

Hey, post a picture of you wearing your bite guard! (Hope it helps the aches.)

Michele said...

The dentist gives me the shivers but I loved the sound of the second part of the post!

oreneta said...

Beth, That is fascinating, you were obviously much better brought up than me! I have to admit to feeling a little uncomfortable about the bite guard, maybe it will be good for me to post a pic, I'll have to think about that.

Michele, The wishing rhyme is great, you get (or have) a wish every night that you see a star!

elPadawan said...

I used to have the shining metal teeth for quite some years when I was younger... Not the best memories I ever had. But I suppose it was all for the best, I'm supposed to have good teeth now ;)

dawn said...

Our kids all love going to the dentist, although our son (15) said he wants to change cleaning techs as she gave him a baby bugs bunny toothbrush to reach his back teeth. Pretty funny to the rest of us. My sister has a mouth guard so she doesn't get headaches from grinding. My cousin got braces at 36 because she had such trouble. I hope your mouth guard works well.