Thursday, March 6, 2008

Schools and Spain

The man's cousin once said...oh so accurately, "It's Spain, it takes a while for things to happen." He was referring to bureaucracy.

I have to say he is right though Spain is not alone. Canada refused to sign some treaty from The Hague at some point, so I may have to get my Marriage certificate mailed to one office in Canada, then to another, and then to a third here in Spain. Why? Blech. I should run a lottery on how many months or years they think that will take.

It may have to do with the stupid non-opening hours, which are lovely in theory, until you actually want to get anything done.

It turns out the system is the same with the schools. Dear Lord Above, let there be a special circle in hell for all dictators and their love of borax...and the never-ending hangover from it.

Here is the schedule. On the 12th, the school will post about how many spaces are available for eldest's age. On the 25th we can start signing in, this goes on for a two week period. Then the forms are sent to the provincial government where they are assessed and each child awarded points for I know not what reason..if they live in the town, yaddah yaddah. Then the spaces are given to those with the most points, and the rest wait. When pressed the secretary at the school said that there usually is not a problem with spaces,'s the next question. We won't find out if she gets in for some time, obviously, and the registration period is the same for the public high school. Will it harm our chances if we apply to more than one school, simultaneously, if we only apply to the preferred one, what happens if she doesn't get in, and we haven't applied to the public.

Holy freaking is so COMPLICATED when you don't know the system!

I also have taxes to tackle soon, in two nations and two languages, along with the passport fiasco, and the drivers license, plus the inter-European health cards. Hmmmm

Vacation time is coming up, none too soon, but then again, all the offices will be closed as well.....

It takes some time.


Beth said...

More headaches for you!
But referring back to your previous post, you WILL get it all done and then you SHOULD experience a sense of accomplishment!

oreneta said...

Today is a better day, thankfully. I shouldn't post late at night, I always sound more exhausted and down.

Nomad said...

Love the catalan!
And yes...waht the heck WERE you saying?Very impressive...!

Good for you on the painting, for me the tough idea is that it is not the finished product that is so important but the lessons learned on the way...easier said than done of course...but the idea is liberating for sure...and takes the tension out...
Do we get to see some of it?

Lynda said...

I often think that my in-laws who have lived all their lives in the same house - same friends same holidays etc have a much easier life - imagine how much grief you save if you don't have to change all your address details every 2 years.

Anonymous said...

The joys of moving to another country. Things aren't perfect over here either. We hire a lot of people from around the world. We have over 50 countries represented within our office of around 1200. One thing that is different is that our company and the agency that sourced them help them out quite a bit to get them up to speed on the ways of Canada and also to get all the paperwork done that needs to be done. We had to because it helps to retain people. It must be successful as most 90% stay with us. Hope you adventures become less adventurous.

dawn said...

I often think you are living the dream, and you likely are, but for me, I am not a bureaucracy's or paper person so reading your post gives me a lump the size of a grapefruit in my stomach and I am not the one having to deal with it. I am pretty sure the paperwork would have me high-tailing it back home. I admire you for your ability to go through it all.

elPadawan said...

wow. sounds like a headache. Taxes! I have to do mine! Holy cow!