Sunday, March 2, 2008


We've been off checking out a school for eldest for next year, there are two main options, the local public, which I may have mentioned, in which she will study Catalan, Castillian, math and English all year and everything else some of the year. A mite narrow don't you think? It is also a big school (not by TO standards, but still) and the teachers do not push the students at get out what you put in.

I was worried.

The other school we are looking at has...
Experimental Science
Social Science
Music and

Year round, plus optionals.

Plus it is much more family like, and involves the students more closely...

It is looking like we will be signing Eldest up as soon as we can.

Tuesday night we have a meeting with the head of studies from the public school.

We'll see what happens.

The real difficulty is the intangibles...will there be kids there she likes?

Ho hum.


Beth said...

The second option is definitely better in what it has to offer.
And if she isn't challenged, would she be happy?
Hopefully Eldest is the kind of child who is able to make new friends with ease.
Which school does she prefer??

Nomad said...

Hi There,

After being the family with the revolving door school thing (ie 3 schools in in 4.5 years) my observations are as follows...the kids are a product of the parents, and exist within the microcosm of the family. If the parents feel good about the situation (in this case school) and if reflects their values, it will automatically reflect the values of the just follows naturally, and also no matter where they (or you) end up there WILL ALWAYS be someone to like...'cause that is just life.
No matter where you go it is always like that. No?

Plus... sell it hard...

Good luck!!

dawn said...

The second option sounds so much better, and like Nomad said, there is always someone to like, because life is just like that. Familiarity doesn't only breed contempt, but draws people together by nurturing time together. She will do well.

hulagirlatheart said...

When I read things like this I realize I take my great local school system for granted.

Theresa said...

How old is Eldest? Is this for the ESO? The second option looks much better to me. And a smaller school usually gives more individual attention to the students. The friends thing is always a problem, isn't it? I'm glad mine can stay at the same school they've been at since they were two. My eldest started the ESO this year without all the stress of changing schools, which I'm really glad about. Good luck with your choice.

oreneta said...

Beth, she isn't sure...friends, a safer easier school, it's tough...

Nomad, there is no doubt that is part of it...thanks.

Dawn, yeah, though I went to one school, and there was someone to like but it was really very miserable. I don't want her to have to do that.

Hulagirl, if you've got a good local school, count your lucky stars.

Lynda, got it in one, this is first of ESO we're headed into..she'll have to change once again to go and do the final level before University, but that isn't for four years and goodness only know what will have happened by then.