Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Caixa Forum

Love love love this museum.  They have one space on the right, just after you get off the escalator, that always has fascinating exhibits.  I don't always like them, but they are always fascinating.

M'encanta aquest museu.  Tenen un espai a la dreta quan has just pujat la escala mecànica, que sempre té exhibicions fascinant.  No les sempre m'encanten, però sempre són fascinandores.

As we went in the other day, there was this on the far wall:
L'altre dia, quan vam anar-hi, hi havia aquesta:

Here it is a little closer up:
Una mica més a prop:

And even closer:
I més a prop encara:

I put that purple one in, I wish to remain curious.  There were a variety of wishes that you could chose from and put into those little holes.  The ribbons were fascinating at first, but then you realise that there was actually a relatively limited number of options.  So, cool, but, not quite as cool as it could have been.  I'd be interested to find out where they came up with the wishes.

Vaig posar la lila, vull ser sempre curiosa.  Hi era varius opcions dels desitjos per posar en aquests forats petits.  Les cintes eren fascinant per començar, però, en uns moments, et dones que eren una mica limitades en la varietat disponible.  Llavors, força interessant, però no tan ben fet com podria hagut ser.  M'agradaria saber a on va trobar els varius desitjos.  


J.G. said...

Wouldn't it be cool if everyone could write their own wish and add it? Wishing other people's wishes is not nearly as interesting.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say what J.G. said. Version 2 of the installation needs to feature a ribbon-printer :)

oreneta said...

JG, much cooler if we could have written our own wished. MUCH

ElP, a print your own ribbon wish would be the thing without a doubt, hope they go for that on the next one. That's actually a thought, isn't it.

thecatalanway said...

We could make one of these here ! Have plenty of ribbon from the old ribbon factory - now just need a wall with holes in and a wish printer? Perhaps you need to come round to advise. Great idea though - every house should have one Kx2313htsnaatc

oreneta said...

Now there's an idea worth putting together!!!! Printing on the ribbon, you could just use a sharpie, no?