Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wander in BCN, mostly Montjuïc. Un passeig en BCN, majoritariament a Montjuïc

Looking in the window of the wood shop at the Maritime museum, I discovered a rowing shell being worked on.  I thought it was an 8, but I showed the photos to the man and it's a 4 it would seem.  

Neat, no?

En mirant a dintre el taller de barques de fusta al Museu Marítime, he trobat una barca de rem que pensava que sigui un 8, però l'expert m'ha dit que no, és un 4.  

Maco, no?

Hi ha una 'passeig de fama' a prop del museu Olímpic a Monjuïc, i tenen aquestes plaques.  Pau Gasol té peus MOLT gran!  Jo porto un 40.

There is a 'walk of fame' up by the Olympic museum on Montjuïc and these plaques are embedded in the ground, I wear a 40, about a 9.5 or a 10 in North American size.  Pau Gasol is a Catalan who is currently playing basketball for the Lakers at this point.  He as some very big feet.

En Lance té peus força petits.... Lance's feet, not so huge, indeed, kinda small.

Found this statue that maybe could have been thought through a little more thoroughly.  There is an engraving in the plinth here, so you have to stand pretty much this close to read it, and then when you look up?  BAM!  There's your view.

Maybe that's not the view I'd have gone for, no?

He trobat aquest estàtua, i penso que potser, van haver de rumiar una mica més abans de ficar-la allà.  Hi ha un escrit en la bassa, i més o menys has d'estar en aquest lloc per llegir-lo i mires amunt i POW, en la cara.

Potser no és la vista que buscaria jo, no?

No he anat mai al nou Jardí Botànic, i no hem tingut temps per entrar-hi avui, aquesta vista a baix, és la sortida.  Haig de tornar, un dia de sol.

I have never been to the new Botanical Gardens on Montjuïc before, and we didn't have time to go in, this is the view of the exit, and I have to say, that I'll be going back there, one beautiful sunny day.

A sculpture by Miró, una estàtua per Miró

Per obrir una porta, hem trobat un barri molt únic, de cases molt petites emplegat en el parc.  Molt interessant, no un lloc on uns turistes voldria venir però a mi, el trobava fascinant.

We found an odd little neighbourhood with odd little houses folded into the edges of the park, it was fascinating, not a place tourists would go, but really neat.  This is a door handle on one of the houses.

M'encanta aquests colors, i la pintura també.

I love the colours, and of course the prints too.


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty... interesting viewing angle for that satue :D

oreneta said...

Yeah...I'da done it a little different, should anyone ever decide to put up a monument for me someday, that's not quite the look I'd be voting for, just sayin'. Though I suppose it depends what look you're going after, no?

thecatalanway said...

That was really funny! - great photo and interesting view! Now it is 1am and I must get to bed!
I like the sound of your day - that's my type of day

Kate x

oreneta said...

It was,ahhhha, striking!