Saturday, February 23, 2013

SNOW DAY! Dia de NEU!!!!

Someone really fuzzy in our house LOVES snow.  En Chuck li ENCANTA el neu!

I jo també.  Me too.

I went running this morning, and took a lot of pictures, the run was a little stop and go as a result, and I know if I had to run in it all the time, it would get old, but goodness it was beautiful this morning.

He anat a córrer aquest matí i he pres moltes fotos llavors la sortida ha anat amb bastant paradetes.  Jo sé que si hagués d'anar a córrer amb neu sovint, em cansaria de seguida, però aquest matí?  Espectacular.

We agree, no?  Estem d'acords.

Went back out with Youngest and made this to entertain the Catalan kid who made it to the hills, they could see what a REAL snowman should look like!

Desprès d'anar a córrer, he tornat a les muntanyes amb la Petita, i hem construït aquest ninot de neu que tots els nens catalans puguin saber com és un ninot de neu de debò!

Lovely day.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Fabulous! Oh I do love this! Even though I am quite "done" with snow over here. I would bet my last dollar that his Chuckiness was ecstatic. And love, love, love the snowman!

Helen said...


Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful when it covers everything? Enjoy :)

thecatalanway said...

Lovely photos! Good old Chuck rolling around like a puppy. It's all gone now hasn't it? I would have loved to see it in the hills

Kate x

Diana said...

Do you think Catalunya is getting more snow than normal in recent years? I know it's not a lot, but my friends always seem so shocked when it does come.

oreneta said...

Chuck was more than excited, though he views snowman building as fundamentally dull, though the arms are worth grabbing to chew on......

blessedly the stuff only lasted a couple of hours.

Helen, second time we've seen it here!

ElP, utterly beautiful. Utterly, and we did enjoy it fully, while it lasted, which wasn't long at all.

Kate, you didn't get a chance to see it? Where were you?

Diana, yes I do, welcome to climate change. Twice now we've seen it.

carteraroundtheworld said...


oreneta said...

It was, and it didn't last long, which was beautiful too.