Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Més muntanyes...more mountains

Many people here rave about one mountain that they love more than others, to me, I have to confess, I do not find a huge amount of difference between one and another.  Probably some kind of a sin, but there it is.  Last weekend though, we went to one that was quite a bit different.

Molta gent estan encantats amb una muntanya en particular, a mi, haig de confessar, no trobo molta diferencia entre una muntanya i una altra.  Deu ser un tipus de pecat, però, és així.  Però, el cap de setmana passat vam anar a una que és força diferent.

Els primes imatges són d'una casa que era fet en una vauma.

The first shots below are of a house that was built into a deep overhang in the mountains.

As you can see, there is a fair amount of air circulation, some of this would be to let the smoke out.
Potser una mica massa circulació d'aire, no?  Deixaria el fum sortir.

Looks a little like Montserrat, and also reminded me a lot of parts of the US Southwest.  Beautiful.
Sembla una mica Montserrat i també em fa recordar parts dels Estats Units en el sud-oest.  Molt maca.

Can you see the mountain goats up there?  Pots trobar els cabirols?

Can you see those tiny little people in there? I aquests persones, molt petites?

Lovely lovely lovely.  Maca maca maca


Sam said...

Beautiful shots - looks like a wonderful hike!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I don't really have a favorite mountain either. I wouldn't want to make the other mountains mad, see? :D

oreneta said...

It was spectacular indeed.

I wonder what a cranky offended mountain would do. Having just watched a Harry Potter movie, the possibilites seem endless.