Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ceramic museum

The Gardiner Ceramic Museum in TO has two great exhibits on, one called A Bit of Clay on the Skin which is ceramic jewelry, primarily from Scandinavian and French artists:

We could take pictures here:

These ones looked like turds, and have human hair for cords.....

These ones look like bums, no?


A little more generally normal....

This sucker is great...and Youngest particularly likes the camel

Made from found jewelry?

Didn't get the names of these artists...

And this was a separate piece of work....I just liked it.

The REALLY cool exhibit though was a block of work by Kathy Venter, her work was AMAZING!


Anonymous said...

Cool exhibit! I thought the hanging round thingies looked like testicles though... LOL!

oreneta said...

They do look very endocrine don't they!