Sunday, July 28, 2013

Paying for air

The man and I, for our sins, had to go and schlep through all the crap in storage.  When we first left to go sailing, we thought we'd be gone for a year, so we sorted through the crap to a degree, and then shoved it in the basement.  A few years later I spent one hellish day in the basement with 6 guys....rented sons, literally, and sorted through it all.  The guys went up and down the stairs, with crap.  I stood in the basement and designated storage, lawn or garbage.

In TO there is (was) this great company where you can 'rent a son' so a young strong university age student comes over and mows lawns, helps pack crap, etc....and they're polite, the only bit of false advertising there.  Not all sons are.

So, we had these two storage pods out on the street, and the guys were loading stuff into that, from which it would be trucked into storage somewhere....and one heck of a lawn party was happening, all the neighbours turned out with lawn chairs to pick through the stuff we got rid of.


Fast forward and we still had these two pods in storage, the man and I had gone through them a few times, taking some stuff out, but it was time for the big sort.

That was yesterday.  Now the living room needs the big sort, but whatever.

One thing we did do was get the bikes out of storage.  3 of them (I do wonder what happened to the 4th).  After a decade in storage, the tires were a wee bit flat.

So this morning, I went off to the gas station.

Turns out you have to pay for air now in my little part of TO.

I mean really?

Pay for air.

I have to go back again too, cause I didn't have a looney or four quarters.



Boo and Trev said...

I was just talking to a colleague who has a university friend who now lives in a narrow boat on the Thames. Jenny, my colleague was impressed that her friend, Vicky, could manage with so little space and then her friend's mother chipped in that all Vicky's stuff was at her house. Obviously those storage units served the same purpose

oreneta said...

Indeed....nothing much at my mother's place, except my daughter most of the time and a good deal of her crap!!!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

It is unfortunate I was not there - my hot air is free!

oreneta said...

Yeah, I have a fair amount too, just compressing it into the tires......