Saturday, July 13, 2013

CN Tower

OK, it is insanely expensive, but we had a guest here who's too young to go alone, so Youngest, young Catalan and I went off.....

and it was fun!

Watched the Argos play the Rough Riders....attendance seemed a little low.

Watched a sailing race in the harbour, the wind shift on the last leg was a killer

Stood on a glass floor over a new aquarium they're building!  Holds 14 hippos this glass floor does, so they say.  Not sure how you'd get the hippos up the elevator though.

There it is.

Some strange people go up there, and our tickets also included a threeD movie, which was interesting, all about building the new Boeing 787 airplane, but really very random, it was about building the new Boeing 787 airplane ?!?!?!?!

Also a 'ride' a sort of video log flume with effects, we all got in a pod that they shook and rattled around, sprayed us with water and flicked our legs with cloth-y things.  I think I'd actually been on it before a million years ago, but it was a space shuttle thing, I think....anyway, also rather random, though fun.

And a night time view of the city....cause it's so pretty.


Anonymous said...

slowly catching up with the past three weeks of blogs... They seem to have change quite a few things in the CN Tower. And the hippos would have to come through the stairs. Or maybe lifted from the outside, from the top edge of the pod, and then brought inside...

oreneta said...

Goodness gracious Padawan, you have been doing some READING! I had the same thought about the tower, there have been a LOT of changes around it.

I'd love to see the crane that could get them there...they'd have to build an office tower around it to support it, and that'd kinda suck.