Monday, July 22, 2013

Drive out

I have no photos of this, as I was too busy driving to take them.  Friday night here we had some fairly serious thunderstorms that came through in a big long line.  Youngest and I ended up driving under them, as in sorta kinda chasing them unknowingly for 4 hours.


Visibility was about 10 feet / 3 meters.

We hydroplaned a couple of times, Youngest sat up straight and fast, the car feels odd....that's cause we're floating I replied.

One time we were blowing sideways, not getting buffeted by the wind, but sliding sideways with the wheels forward, enough water under the tires that the VERY strong winds (read tornado warnings) were blowing us over.

Nearly stopped in a hotel at one point...then we turned away from the lake up towards Ottawa, and it was GONE

Utter heaven.

Not such a fun drive.


elpadawan said...

Glad you're safe. I'd have just pulled over at the first available spot, and waited the storm out with a double-double and a podcast... I recall Paris - Prague in winter through the German highways, with no proper windshield product (stupid reseller loaded it with water and soap and we didn't have time to use it all up to replace it). Windshield would get covered in frost and mud in 5min tops, we'd have to stop every 10km, each gas station basically, to wait for the engine to thaw the pipes and scratch the windshield... Another kind of unpleasant drive...

oreneta said...

I debated it in Kingston, but kept on......the windshield wipers worked anyway.....I do remember some winter drives that were pretty darned awful too. meh.

oreneta said...

Is there any way to drain out windshield washer fluid? I guess the old fashioned siphon (had to go look up how to spell that, I had NO IDEA where to begin, c or s? i or y? ph or f?).

elpadawan said...

Nope, no way, you just have to use it all up... at least on our car.