Monday, July 1, 2013

What have I been up to?

A couple of pics,

I've been doing some running, in a beautiful spot, Silver Creek Conservation area:

The man took the girls to Niagara Falls, 

I didn't go, I was working, I have been working a lot, - no photo included - and it has been going fairly well.

We went and saw the boat, she was basically fine, but this had slid around underneath her, we weren't totally happy.....

While there we took the girls to a beach on Georgian Bay, kind of an unusual thing....the dog enjoyed it  in his own way....

And today we went to Crawford Lake Conservation area, truly cool....archaeological sight for a very old Iroquian village and the lake itself is of huge historic importance....

below, that could be used as a saw or a hairbrush. That's a handy tool.

Hello mister Chippy!

Hope you're all doing well!



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