Sunday, November 13, 2016

Cactus disease

Over the summer, though probably before, but over the summer we found out about a fungus that is attacking some species of cactus here in the Barcelona area.  These are the prickly pear cacti (?), which bear a fruit that you can eat.  I have picked them, but as the family won't eat them and it is a bit of a hassle - prickles galore - I don't normally bother.

We have them all over the mountain near us, and they are quite the architectural marvels. Though I think that in a years time, we won't have any at all.  The generalitat has decided to not try to do anything about it, they are not native, and the cost of attempting to save them would be very high, I am assuming.  So, they are dying all over the mountain.  It is a little sad to see.  It's good they don't know what's coming anyway, cause they cannot escape it.

On a brighter note, the moon these days has been utterly spectacular!!!!  Have you had a look?

Happy fall!

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