Saturday, November 19, 2016

Holes in the hills

I've been wandering the hills here for quite a few years now, but I still continue to find new here's a feature of photos of holes in hills!  People used to build shelters in the hills, ostensibly for tools, but probably used for any number of other options! 

There's a photo of one that's been unearthed a few posts ago, here's some more:

This one's a little decrepit, but you can see the remains of a fireplace and chimney, as well as a niche on either side. On the left you can make out the remains of the vaulted ceiling.

Someone closed this one up, it more likely was a font, a natural spring.

This last one looked intriguing!  However clambering into old caves when dressed in lycra running clothes alone in the mountains when everyone else is at lunch, is not this is as good as it got.  It just looked like a small hole an animal dug, till you got closer.  Gonna have to go back to this one.

The hills are absolutely filled with these...I find them fascinating.

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