Monday, November 14, 2016


This summer, as I was in TO on my own, I decided to give triathlon a go, I had wondered about it for a while, and I had the time free, and no real obligations, so what the heck.  I even entered a mini-tri!  (Came third in my age group no less!!!)

There was swim training three days a week, one in open water and two in the pool, this I loved.  I didn't expect to like it so much, but goodness it was marvelous.  I am still debating whether I can realistically keep up the swimming now. The answer is no, but next summer maybe I'll have a go again.

The running was really intense, and I wasn't into it and didn't want to hurt myself, a lot of intervals and hill sprints.  Instead I decided to run a mile every day.  This I also loved. It isn't a big commitment, but I kept it up all summer.  I haven't been successful with this now I'm back in Spain.

The bicycle training was the most disappointing, I like biking, and they like going around and around and around in circles or riding on the most dreadful roads.  Did one session - stopped part way through to pick mulberries - and baled on the second.  Meh. 

The mini-tri was a lot of fun, a time trial start with a swim in a river, the bike ride along a beautiful cottage country road and the run, which was honestly pretty ugly, but done and it was great. 

Tried a tri here.  MAN the ugliest bit of world I've seen.  They held it is a beautiful town up the coast, and the swim was along the beach, which was lovely.  I had a big group of men starting right after me, so I swam hard to the first mark so I didn't get swum over, then took my time from there.  The bike ride was on the highway, laps....ugh.  I do not like laps, nor riding on highways.  Ugly.  The run was worse.  Through parking lots, around the parking lot of an ugly municiple building, and along a long dead straight go nowhere hot sunny ditch of a path. 


I am not tri material, mostly cause I do not like going around and around and around while looking at my power meter. 

I may keep up the training a bit though and do the same one I did last year in Canada, it was lovely.

We'll see.  Still debating the swimming.  Should do it.

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