Sunday, November 20, 2016

Went walking today, Puigsacalm

I love that area so much, I've a couple of friends who really like it and we've gone there several times.  It was so nice to go back......I've got to go again with them.  Time to send a whatsapp and get that organized.

Here's a couple of photos:

We went up through the gap on the right, pulling ourselves up iron rods and metal steps it was so vertical, tremendous fun!

View from the top.....

The barn has seen better days, but the cows still use it.

The mountain there, at the top, is dominated by a beech forest.  It was kinda pretty.

I love how the clouds are echoing the shape of the mountains.

At one point also, there was an updraft, and the sky was filled with glittering, floating dipping and diving leaves.  Really high, up at least 100 feet.  It was amazing.  I stood in awe and didn't take a photo.


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