Monday, November 28, 2016

More from Toronto in 2016 summer!...The ROM

Goodness, I used to know the ROM inside out and backwards....I could find my way to any exhibit anywhere.  Then they did a gigantic renovation and I am so lost.  It is sad, cause it's like coming back to your home and finding it all rearranged and you can't find anything, but also exciting cause I keep coming across old friends, and also new treasures. 

Here's some old friends and new treasures:

We spent a LOT of time with the dinosaurs......they are marvelous, this one was one of the absolute favourites. Parasaurolophus. 

New friend!  Dino poo!  Is that not cool!!! OMG!!!

Old this ceiling.

Pretty sure this is from Troy...feeling very ignorant. Mask of Agamemnon ....yes!  I was right...I imagine this is not the original as it was just hanging on the wall in the museum in TO....still very cool.  Old and new friend.

New friend, amazing....

We also saw an exhibit, glass work. So amazing to see it made, so mediocre once it's done.  I just cannot get into glass.  A shame.

It was very popular, but, meh.

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