Monday, November 7, 2016

Toronto, the beginning of the summer

This summer, as usual, I went to Canada for two and a half months.  What was unusual, is that I went by myself for most of the summer.  Chuck would prove to be somewhat traumatized by this, and is still following me around continuously, like glue, in November.  The kids and the man, not so much.

On the flight over, I got a window seat....cause I was flying by myself!  And the ice....these must be a lot of very big chunks of ice.  Global warming and the melting arctic ice shelf in evidence.  If we could see them from 25000 odd feet, these are BIG chunks of ice.

Amazing no?

Then, one of the first things to do.....pho....mmmmmm

I love Canada...really I do.

One of the spots I go running in the mornings, if I go here I am guaranteed to be completely soaked through with dew before the run is over.  It is a great start to the day, and often includes blackberries and this year, bunnies...everywhere!

Further on in the run it turns into forest, and dries out a bit.

Hi Canada!!!

And a burger, poutine and a milkeshake at 'The Dock' in Penatanguishene.  I do dream of this.  SO good.


elPadawan said...

blackberries and bunnies, must do for nice pancake toppings :D

oreneta said...

Well....the bunnies, not so much...unless they were chocolate!