Wednesday, September 19, 2007


OK, this one is not nearly as bad as when he chewed up my fact I found this kind of funny.

I had dished out my breakfast, crusty white bread with some delicious tomato sauce our guests had made last night, then I felt the call of nature, and - silly me - I left my breakfast on the table. Clearly an invitation to doggie gluttony.

While otherwise engaged I could hear my chair being moved and my cutlery clattering about.

Hmmm I thought, what could that be? The kids aren't up, the guests aren't up, and the man has left for work. Let me think...?

By the time I got out there, this is what I saw....

Along side of a rather content, chop-licking dogalicious who really didn't look all that guilty, though he skulked away from me.

Why is it that he was able to get the bread to land right way up on the floor? He's a dog for crying out loud, he used his MOUTH, yet for me, it always lands wrong way up?

He was banished to the bedroom with some rather half-hearted no's. I did find it humourous. He even had the temerity to bark at me to let him out, as if I might have forgotten why I had put him in there or I had made some kind of a mistake.


You can actually see him weighing out the cost/benefit of stealing food.

Hmmmm, good food....

Being yelled at....

Good food....

Being yelled at....they would never beat me senseless like my previous owners, soooooooo

Good food it is.

Scrunch, yum.

Bad dog.


Beth said...

I'm amazed the piece of bread and topping was still there - Chuck has to learn to be quicker if he wants to enjoy his stolen pleasures!

Beth said...

oh Chuck!!! he and my Trooper would be best friends, that's for sure.

One time, I came into the dining room and found Trooper standing. in. the. middle. of. the. table. and he had the nerve to look at me like, "Uh, could you stop staring at me and help me down from here."

oreneta said...

Beth: He isn't a world class at this, if he had been a lab it would have been gone in two bites. Scrunch, slurp.

Beth: He was ON the TABLE!!!! OMG. Chuck hasn't tried that yet anyway.