Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quick post

Very tired...woke up in the night with one almighty awful bladder infection. There aren't you charmed to know that? I was fine when I went to bed. Anywhooooo, since I had the big test today, I took myself off to our local medical center (2 blocks away) which is open 24 hours a day!

A burly kinda guy opened the door reluctantly after I rang the bell, which I may add sounded like a freaking fire alarm. Guess some of those folks sleep soundly. I talked to him for a while. Man, or HOMBRE, is my Catalan crap at 5am when I am not very well, especially since he only spoke Spanish....Finally he asked me the same thing three times...I eventually interpreted it as "Do I want to see a Doctor?" Well, what the hell do you think I am doing at 5am in the rain? Just thought I'd come over for a chat about my slightly gross internal problems with a complete stranger with whom I can only barely communicate?

I bit back the sour comment and stuck with 'si, si'us plau' Yes please.

He kindly ignored the fact that my temporary health card expired about 8 months ago and I went up to where I found a Dr, also only Spanish speaking and with what was frankly an adorably appalling case of bed head. Like little boys get.

Tests done, prescription given, and I am sent over to the farmacia which also will provide on demand all night long. (Don't go there, I know what your thinking)

I did however feel bad about wrenching someone out of their bed at 5:45 am when I was not in agony, so I stood around for about 20 minutes in case the Doctor had phoned for me. In the rain. One of the realities of not speaking the language well, miss one vowel and you aren't sure who is supposed to do the calling.


The man called them around 7:30, pharmacist showed up by 7:50, home by 8am.

The language test:

Seems my oral language skills were in level two of five, which when I read the requirements seemed about right. Lets hope I didn't trash out on the written component. I was a bit of a mess heading out after the mornings to-do though. I managed to forget my passport, though it turns out I didn't need it. I also forgot any sort of writting utensil. I mean really how stupid is that, what was I thinking? I'd write it in spit? Clearly I wasn't thinking at all.

I have to enroll on Friday morning at 9am. First come first served. I anticipate getting there shortly after 8am if I can.


Gotta walk the dog now, and our friends come back sometimes tonight.

I nearly finished another piece of painting/multi-media. It is currently drying under weights...we'll have to see what I think when it is done.

Maybe I'll post a pic if I think it is OK.


Anonymous said...

Ack! Bladder infections are no fun. But seeing a Dr with an 'adorably appaling case of bedhead, like little boys get' must have made it all worth it. I bet you wanted to squeeze his cheek too. Sooo cute. LOL

Beth said...

ACK is right! Bladder infections are a killer!!! There have been many nights I was agony, waiting to get to the dr...who didn't have adorable bed head.

Hope you feel better, and post a picture anyway...even if you think it's not any good. You are your own worst critic! I'm sure the rest of us will love it!

Beth said...

Yuck re: the bladder infection but lucky you to have a medical center open 24 hours.

I want to see your latest piece of art!

Anonymous said...

Hope the medication has kicked in!
Take care and give your body time and opportunity to recover!
Sit in the sun and let the energy hit you fair and square!
Indian summer has hit Riga and I'm dashing about on my bike collecting tons of apples from friends' gardens who think I've gone mad.

oreneta said...

Trish: Sucky sucky sucky is indeed the word....

Beth: Blech....yup...The art is not ready for presentation yet, needs thinking.

Beth: Eventually...

GM: It's kicking slowly...apples, yummmmm, what are you going to make with them all? I will sit on Saturday.