Saturday, September 29, 2007


Our friends left today.

So sad.

We went to BCN which was lovely, I may say more later, and I have finally gotten all the supplies for the painting class.

Now THAT was fun.

Tomorrow we plan to do little. I have managed to get a photo I took blown up and framed...about 60 cm X 60 cm. Plus I bought stretched canvas to mount two pieces of fabric my parents brought back from China...I just sewed it onto the canvas. I'm bagged, so I think I'll show you tomorrow.

That's the photo I got enlarged and framed up. Love it.

Time for bed for me.....and read a bit more.

Fun and productive day anyway.


Terrie Thompson said...

I am a bit confused by the photo. Is it a pic of the frame or the blue wall or both? The weather is getting a little better high is still 90 but the humidity has come down some.

Beth said...

Love the enlarged and framed photo. That colour blue is gorgeous.
I really like your art - I'm never sure if I've got "the meaning" from it - I just love the visuals.

oreneta said...

Terrie: It's a pic of the frame and the wall (which are actually blue shutters) and the broken glass....I like all the textures and I love the colour of the blue.... glad the weather is improving...

Beth: Thank you very much...I also spell with wiht fairly often....I am not fortunately a Picasso, so there often isn't much meaning...I just like the visuals too.

Joeprah said...

Great photo! I love the beauty in its simplicity and easily dismissed weathered appearence. Great eye!