Sunday, September 23, 2007

Flowers and books and education.

Those four flowers all came from the same bush growing wild in an alley strewn with dog crap and old bricks. They are lovely and smell lovelier, but the thing that amazed me most is that from the one same bush there were yellow flowers, yellow flowers blushed with pink, divided pink and yellow flowers and all pink. Now I am no agriculturist, city girl that I am, but how can it do that?

I have been reading Sweetness in the Belly by Camilla Gibb. It is enthralling. I cannot say that I am loving it, it is not that sort of book. Not comfortable enough, but it is the story of a woman who is forever between cultures, and a refugee for ever, and her friends and her religion, as well as the refugee experience of trying to enter a new and not necessary welcome or welcoming society.


Youngest complained that she had to go to school and that my time spent doing errands was preferable. I think she regretted the comment after I discussed my inability to get a PhD off the ground, the fact that I cannot take the painting class offered in town as I have to work, the same with the Castillian class I am trying to set up, and I may not get to the Catalan class I am trying to put together either. The joys of doing groceries every other day just don't quite add up. Grrrrr.

Finally a shot of our noble fly-hunting breakfast-stealing pooch.

Dorky Dad gave me a shout out that makes me feel I should take a photo of some food, but I am not sure quite what to do about it right now....maybe tomorrow.


Beth said...

OMG....I. am. IN. LOVE!!!!!! chuck is ADORABLE!!!!!! i just want to squeeze him and give him whatever breakfast I have....

and the flowers are beautiful

Anonymous said...

You can give him crackers and creamy cheese,his favorites.Best regards from TO,Jose.

Beth said...

Sweetness in the Belly - loved it. Fascinating, it for Book Club.
That is one sweet and noble looking puppy dog!

Jocelyn said...

I'm pretending that your dog IS food, so you've satisfied the Dorky Dad's shout out, in my mind.

Yummy dog.

Anonymous said...

Those flowers look like the paper flowers they sell in Mexican markets. They're so pretty I can't believe they're real!

Anonymous said...

Since you're obriously not in the Ukraine it can't be the Chernobile effect. How about becoming a biologist/geneticist to discover what those flowers are all about?
Even sweet peas aren't as unique as your hibiscus there!
But what about Morning Glories?
I remember growing those in Dashwood and letting them climb up the clothesline/telephone pole in the garden and marvelling at the blossoms!

oreneta said...

Now I know what sparks readers interest, flowers and dogs...not church bells ringing.

Beth: I think he's pretty cute too, though he still cannot eat my breakfast.

Jose: I still cringe with embarassment about that...BAD so sorry. It was a lovely evening....

Beth: Despite saying I was not in love with it, which I still stand by, I did start and finish it yesterday so I can probably say it was compelling anyway...the ending was much nicer than I expected, and it was much less gross than I was braced for which I frankly appreciate.

Jocelyn: Kinda freaked my kids out with that comment, she wants to eat the dog??? None the less, I'm glad I satisfied his shout out even if I realise now I failed to provide a link....BAD BLOGGER!

Trish: I had half hoped that you of the lemon/orange tree grafting knowledge might enlighten me about how one bush can produce such varied

G.M.: Are they hibiscus? I didn't recognise them as such, maybe because they are fairly small, you may well be right...maybe you should get that degree....Morning gloried grow here...I'll take a picture of one that is EATING a wall and heading down the sidewalk now....not too many flowers at the moment, but I'll post it for you soon.