Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bagged bag.

Read it. Loved it. I was a bit uncomfortable about some aspects of the ending, but loved it.

I am now ready to slip into a Potter induced, too much time spent saying goodbye, running errands, cleaning and packing coma.

We fly tomorrow and arrive in BCN on Thursday, so there may be a lag of a couple of days while we get this done.

May add more, or I may not, we'll just have to see.



Beth said...

So long, farewell, I bid you all adieu...
It was great seeing you live and in person!
Wishing you a safe, non-chaotic flight back.

Beth said...

have a safe trip Oreneta....and what will you read during the flight?

Anonymous said...

It was good to have you guys at home,we had a good time,the best for you in your return to Bcn,we will keep in touch,have a good flight.Best regards JC.
PD.:tell chuck I will have more crackers and cheese,same brand no problema next time you come.Guau Guau

Anonymous said...

Who is using my initials? I thought for a sec I had written you in my sleep ;-)
Have been missing you and not even time to read the blog. We went saialing with kids!!! It worked!!! Picasa web album coming soon.
Can't wait to see you on the 20th - do you think the kiddies can skip school that day?
Have a good trip. Love to all.
Love me

Dorky Dad said...

I absolutely loved book 7. It was great. I loved the whole series, in fact. She did a great, great job.

oreneta said...

Beth: That was really cool to get together, glad we pulled it off.

Beth: I didn't read anything during the flight. In my carry on I had all our relevant files, out taxes, letters of reference, bills, lease aggreements, cheque books, all that crap, plus all the stuff that would make life a nightmare if the airline gods lost, like the kids English school books, and our address book....a friend's catalan grammar book....no room for something for me, plusfrankly, when I am flying with the kids, even now I rarely get a chance to read.....plus I was bagged. The in-flight movies served, though I cannot now remember what they were...wait, Ocean 13 aaaand.....got it...Just Friends. Hmmm. Not that interesting.

Jose: It was so fantastic to see you, thank you so much, and Chuck thanks you for the brie and crackers. BAD DOG.

JC: Definately the kids can skip scool, and I will skip work if I have it....looking into flights for mushroom picking, one crowd quoteda mere 5,617 Euros. Hmmmmm.Those would be some pricey mushrooms.

DD: It was indeed good. Have you seen this site? Full of spoilers, butJK herself answers questions....http://www.mugglenet.com/app/news/full_story/1156