Sunday, September 2, 2007

I've got it, for a few days

I got a copy of book 7!!!

Only till I go though, so I am preparing to sleep little and neglect my entire family while I read it.

Bye bye


Beth said...

That sounds entirely reasonable.
But good luck!

Boo and Trev said...

Excellent. You should definitely finish it by the time you go. Happy labor day! (I have a calendar at work that tells me holidays from the world. It was father's day in NZ yesterday)
Had the girls read the first 6 books by the way. I did wonder when you were talking about reading it to them on the plane!

Beth said...

you're going to be a reading machine for the next coupla days!!

oreneta said...

Beth: I think book seven is a good reason for neglect, I am so glad you agree.

Boo: The girls are very erratic, and have bits a pieces here and there, and know the basic story line, but we have the same problem always getting the books, especially when we were on the boat....

Beth: Yes indeed, and I am so glad.