Sunday, September 9, 2007

I feel like Julie-flippin'-Andrews....."The hills are alive.....

You know what I love about being back here?

I love that my space bar has fixed itself

I love that kids hold their parents hands when they walk down the street.

I love that whole families hold hands when they walk down the street.

I love that there is time and space to enjoy simple things deeply, and that this is valued.

I love being with my family.

I love having the mountains nearby and that I can go there and be in a beautiful peaceful place every day.

I love that I can eat wonderful food, that there are beautiful flowers in the hills.

I love that I can make the biggest freaking fool of myself all the time, and people just laugh.

I love how happy everyone seems to be to see us.

I love that I imitated a turkey today in the busy central cafe/bar/restaurant today in a conversation with a group of strangers and people we know and I didn't even think it was strange and hilarious till later, gobble gobble gobble....

I love that this older guy came up and talked to us persistently and slowly in Castillian, because I am so obviously a stranger. Twice. The first time about the fact that the kids are eating and will therefore grow. (There must have been more to the conversation than this, but that was all I got out of it)

I love that the second time this guy with his crony, who together could have looked like anyone who ever made you nervous about small time Mafiosos, then had a second conversation with me, which involved pointing to youngest, both of them making that finger across the throat gonna kill you gesture, then making gestures for something small and talking about the day after tomorrow. I never even thought to be worried by the fact that these guys apparently wanted to off youngest on Tuesday and cut her into small pieces. It was indeed over the course of this mystifying conversation that I performed my turkey imitation. Slightly before this I finally got the guy to talk to the husband who has a faint understanding of Spanish....we realised he was taking about baby chicks he was going to buy on Tuesday to feed up so they will grow and he can kill them and eat them for Christmas.

I love that I had that freaky conversation today, and how weird it could have looked.

I love that I have read two books in the last two days.

I love that I went into work, one woman is pregnant after years of trying, another is pregnant, further along and looking very happy, a third woman looks relaxed and content.

I love that they don't know the schedule yet, it was the last working day before we start, but that's OK, we'll just get it going.

I love that most of the students passed their exams, even one of mine who I thought had no hope and must have done some serious church going before that test.

I love that my sculptor-English student found all the work useful this summer when his work was on tour and wants to keep going. He's fun to teach and so...quick.

I love that I am back with my watercolours and got a chance to use them today.

I love how happy the dog is running in the hills.

I love that I could go on longer.

But I won't. It's 2:24 am local time, and I am still all messed up with ehrn I should be sleeping. Back to bed.


Beth said...

And I love to hear that you are so happy and content!
I guess it took a little time in Canada to help you realize what a wonderful place you live in now.
Home is where the heart is!

oreneta said...

Beth: Yeah, feeling pretty content right now. It's good.