Saturday, September 22, 2007

I think Blogger video worked!

Turn the sound on folks.

Did ya like that? It was pretty cool. OK I know. It's supposed to be a MOVING picture, and that just didn't move beyond my shaky camera work, but I was really trying to record the bells that were ringing right over our heads it was quite an overwhelming experience.

We were off to Montserrat today, about time too. Major tourist destination as it is essentially the spiritual home of Catalunya, and many women here are called Montserrat, usually shortened to Montse. The major site there officially is the Black Madonna, who was surprisingly beautiful. Carved in the 12th century they think. It was a very long line to get in, which was fine, then it was raining when we got out which scuppered our plans for going for a long walk on the mountain there which is beautiful. I am told. We had a big fat wet cloud sitting on it all, so we went for a short damp walk, then it started to rain and we bailed.

Lots of travel time and little time there, but what we spent was nice and we are going to go back again just to walk in the hills. Click here for a bit of what it looks like. Indeed if you Google Image Montserrat you'll get to see more than we did.

Hmmm, let see if I have any more photos....

Yup, found a couple kind of worth looking at in the camera....lets see....

A view on the way up...what it would be like on a clearer day......

Eldest's favorite part of the facade of the basilica....youngest snapped the shot...

The clearest part of the walk. There would have been spectacular views. We saw white clouds. Not worth posting frankly.

Cafe amb llet to warm up with. He really did this too! I didn't find it on the internet. Mine didn't turn out so pretty, this is the man's. Maybe decaf doesn't work?

See ya. Hope your day went well.


Beth said...

That video was so neat!
Loved the sound of the bells.

Do another one - and put your voice in it!

oreneta said...

Glad you enjoyed them, Beth. The feedback generally was a little, um, subtle....but maybe I'll try another.