Saturday, November 24, 2007

Abandonat internet server is not making me happy....and I wish they had 3M products in this country, i tant (Man) the blue tack here SUCKS.

Even the librarian was complaining about Telefonica and how sllllooooooooooooowwwwwww it has been the last few days...I couldn't upload the photos I took today on our epic walk in the mountain, X and D were out for a mere 5 hours, N, Chuck and I for 6 because we separated at the end, and there is a tale to tell here so let me start at the beginning

....We went walking with a friend and her dog, Nonna....a greyhound who is utterly beautiful and good buddies with our comparatively neanderthal fuzzy pup...they turned off after the first three hours and we went on a little further.

Once we got to the top we had a little have GOT to try cream cheese and salami sandwiches, they sound strange, but they are quite tasty, especially if the bread is good. Not low cholesterol, or low fat or anything, but MMmmmmmm.

Anyway while we were up there another dog appeared, a beautiful dog with a build like a grey hound but with Chuck's colouring...he had the most beautiful yellow brown eyes as well. The two dogs had a fantastic time playing. The owners walked further and further away.

Finally it dawned on us that they could not possibly be the owners and we had a stray/abandoned/escaped/lost dog on our hands. He came all the way home with us. Two hours. I don't have a picture of him as the two dogs were either running madly or giving the children a biology lesson. We'll view it as a field trip extension for eldests Naturals class which has been studying reproduction in animals of late. Only both dogs were male. Chuck seems to be quite open minded as these things go. Fortunately so was his friend.

Anywhooo, I must say that the dog was so lovely I was almost briefly tempted to keep him, then my adult mind woke up to the implications of that...24 hour s*x show in my apartment....vets, damage etc etc etc. No thank you.

Eldest and I finally got a leash on him. He was a mite skittish; but with Chuck's help in keeping his back end relatively immobile, this is a grey hound kind of job and very hard to catch if he doesn't want you to, we managed to get a hold of him. Then we very very slowly got him up to the town square where the local police station is. He was extremely skittish by this point, which speaks to an escaped or abandoned dog, and it was a very very slow walk. Finally we made it, the cops called the local animal shelter and off he went.

Chuck is profoundly tired. He's basically slept since we got home at 4. He's probably a little stiff to. The kids have been fairly quiet as well, I must say. Nothing like a six hour walk in the mountains for a little peace around the house.

Oooooh, and I am even understanding some of my Catalan books! I am SO excited.

So, what'cha do today?

C'mon, I really want to know, leave a comment and tell us all.


Beth said...

Rocky, I am so proud of you for raising such an open-minded dog. it's hard to find one of those these days......

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Catholic church doesn't approve. Had dinner with Peggy for her 96th, she's going strong and we had fun. The Globe has a special section on Children's books and there's a couple that sound like real winners, so off to Indigo tomorrow before the ballet. today was chores, but a walk through the snow after the firast fall was fun.

Sea Dog

Vinnie and Maria said...

Well Chris, we see your voice on the page and it brings back pictures of a very different place. We remember when you, the eldest, and the youngest took the african queen with us up through shroud key, catching leaf fish as we went. Today we are also on hard land and travel through constellations of family for a few months yet. It is the early morning, but we hope to put together a rocking chair for our oh so pregnant daughter alessia.

Beth said...

This post had me laughing out loud. You did such a marvelous job of describing the relationship (relations?) between Chuck and his new friend!
What did I do today? (Which would be yesterday.) Celebrated my eldest son's birthday! Fun time was had by all. The boys went into their crazy antics routine - much laughter. (Wonder where they get that craziness from?)

oreneta said...

Bullwinkle: *sniff* it was wonderful...I am so proud of him!

Sea Dog: the Vatican wouldn't have approved and neither did Eldest when they got at it in the entrance hall to the ajuntamin in the main plaça, they got pulled apart mighty fast...

Vinnie and Maria: That was such a great day...I have read about your Alaska trip...I take it with the new grandchild on the way your putting off this years voyage for a bit...good luck with the chair and it is so great to hear from you!

Beth: Happy Birthday!! What a lovely way to spend a day...laughing hard! So glad you told us, made me smile too.