Friday, November 9, 2007

Two things....

First....I watched the single worst movie of my life bad it was good. Marrying Darcy. It was a trite, twee and fairly meaningless yet predictable romp through five peoples lives over about 20 years. Most of them sleep with most of the others, it was painfully badly acted and the sets and tech level were quite bad. I was saying to the man that it seemed to be something put together at by a bunch of university students...and it WAS! How it ever got translated into Spanish as well and really was almost good it was so incredibly awful.

Secondly, I found an all new use for a digital camera, for me anyway. I was up in the mountains walking the dog when a bug flew into my eye and died a thrashing and painful-to-both-of-us death. Now I don't know about you, but this happens to me a lot. Really, every month or so some poor fruit fly kinda job commits hari kari in my eye....I have not yet figured out why.

I digress....usually when this happens I am in a town somewhere, and as far as I am concerned the single greatest use for side mirrors is to assist struggling pedestrians with mosquitoes doing the back crawl in their eye...squat down, take a look and fish the little bugger out.

Now up in the mountains this is not an option. I had a brief debate about searching around for a piece of broken mirror. It would have been faster to go home and this HURT. So. Hmmmm, carrying a camera, all those glass lens jobs, maybe I can angle the sun the lens and my eye well enough to see in....well, you can guess that didn't work. Instead I had the brilliant idea of taking really close up shots of my eye while I pulled my eyelid down so I could locate the little gnatty thing...and it worked! I took a picture, reversed the camera, looked at the shot, located the beast, tried to remove him, took another shot....The thing is that by the time they have been flailing around in there for a while you start to loose track of exactly which bit of discomfort is the fly and which is where the fly was....I had to take quite a few photos, but I got the bug out.

I will not post the pictures. They were not pretty. If you want to see what it looked like, go to the mirror in your bathroom, stretch your lower eyelid down and out as far as you can and stand very very close to the mirror. Ugh.

SO, if you have your camera with you and gnats with a death wish come your can thank me for this great tip.

Always trying to help.


Beth said...

You are unique!
Bugs regularly attracted to your eyes (what's with that??) and using your camera to find the pesky thing!

dawn said...

I can't say I have suffered from the bug problem much, but I will think of this idea should the need arise. As for the movie, I don't see many, so if it playing here, will stay clear of it.

Sirdar said...

That was an interesting post. I've had the odd bug in my eye...especially when biking. I wonder if the bugs are attracted to your eye colour?

oreneta said...

Beth: I don't know what it is about the bugs in the eye thing, but it does seem to happen to me a good deal more than what I would suppose is the statistical average.

Dawn: Count your lucky fruit flies...

Sidar: My eyes just aren't all that unusual...when I go biking? OMG. I bought special glasses just to thin them out....the most exciting time was when I was jaywalking in a busy street with my hands full of groceries...I thought we were both going to die, not just the bug.