Monday, November 19, 2007

She did it!

Eldest talked to her teacher.

I didn't ask her if she was going to, this had to be her agenda, and she didn't consult me about what to say or how to say it....but when she came home from lunch, she told me that she had talked to the teacher about the racial comments that had been made.

Reportedly she got the teacher when he was alone while all the other kids were playing soccer...a real team sport fan my eldest is...NOT! She said to me that she told the teacher that she had many friends in Canada who were from a variety of Asian countries, spoke a variety of languages, and none of them sounded like the teacher's version. She also apparently informed the teacher that there are over 300 Native American languages, and none that she knew of resembled what she had seen and heard in class. She said she started to choke up a bit while she was talking, but that he looked embarrassed and apologised when she finished.

Then she went and climbed a tree to read.

Can you say recovery time?

You GO girl!

My little arboreal Buddha.

Well. She isn't even really all that little anymore.

She used to be.


Theresa said...

Looks like I have to catch up here. A teacher making racial comments? What happened? Okay, I'm going to read the previous posts. Good for your daughter for standing up for what she believes!

Beth said...

I read the previous post.

Be proud of that child of yours (as I know you are ) - and be proud of yourself for the way you have raised her.
I love the fact that she climbed a tree to read when it was over. That's my (your) girl!

Trish said...

Good for her! I am always so glad to hear of kids being brave enough to respectfully stand up to people in authority.

Anonymous said...

Way to go!!!
That should be broadcast from the rooftops!
Give Eldest a huge hug from me for her courage.
To help "recharge her batteries" she'll get an extra slice of fruit cake when we meet in December.

Kelly Mahoney said...

What a brave kid! I've had some insulting, horrible teachers, so more power to her.

oreneta said...

Theresa: Sorry, that was definately in reference to a previous post, I should have put in a link. Mea Culpa, or Ho sento in Catalan.

Beth: I am indeed she is a human with guts and also makes my stomach tighten and my heart contract that she climbed a tree afterwards.

Trish: Thank you, I was certainly impressed. She seems to have handled it quite diplomatically as well.

GM: Takes after you! I am really very impressed, I'll let her know about the fruitcake and the hug...I cannot beleive your brother ate the whole cake! Then again I ate an entire five pound fruit cake in a single day when I was pregnant with eldest....maybe that is why she is so densly packed with guts.?

Kate: It helped that the teacher is basically a good person, who just made what is a frankly culturally normal, though totaly unacceptable and at best thoughtless remark....the person themselves is a very fine human, so that reduced the fear factor, whe was unlikely to receive an irrational and defensive tirade. A good experience for her I think.

Sirdar said...

Good for her for standing up for what she believes. That takes courage. I wonder...does she get that from mom? :-)

Beth said...

She's a Big Girl now, Mom...a Woman!!!


dawn said...

That is awesome, and a great outcome. You should be proud of her. Okay, that was stating the obvious. Way to go eldest.

oreneta said...

Sirdar: I hope I have helped to nurture it, but she has NEVER backed down from what she felt was right and important.

Beth: You're so right...*gasp sob sigh giggle*

Dawn: Sometimes we are left stating the obvious, 'cause it's what needs to be said. Thanks.