Thursday, November 22, 2007


Today has frankly been a good deal more trying than any number of ways.


I wanted to ask you about happiness....what does it take.

I need....
not necessarily in this or any order...I should alphabetise but I am too darn worn out

Time and space for thought and reflection
Close access to the natural world
Enough cash to not have to worry about feeding and housing the kids...clothes, I can handle worrying about that, but food and shelter....
Not too many freaking chores/hassles/stupid little bureaucratic @Q#($#*&(*sh*t
something delicious to eat, look at, feel, smell and then
having little enough to REALLY enjoy what you do have.
Sometimes when I am sailing just being there
Intellectual challenge, it's gotta be there as well.
Challenge of most any sort.

Oh my, well,

The hedonists thought it was a matter of pure pleasure seeking. The Stoics thought it was a matter of accepting what cannot be changed and enjoying everything else the epicurists think that we need liberty, reflection and I think it was friends, but I was having trouble following the Catalan voice over video...and it is far too late at night to look it up.

SO, what's it take?
What'cha gotta do?
Call Ghost busters?

What makes you deep down overwhelmingly happy?


Anonymous said...

I dont think you can be happy all the time. Its relative, having a happy married life and wonderful children and grandchildren certainly adds to it, as does adequate means to eat and health, particularly when you compare your lot seeing what others are going through, but its not enough. If you lie back and say life's great, I'm happy, you're not challenging yourself. I have to go through a period of mental disconfort periodically to prod me into doing the next thing. But I think one needs to back off a bit and get perspective every now and then.

On that subject I just saw a video on super yacht races in Majorca. The scratch boat was a 289 ft square rigged 3 masted vessel that was totally computerised so it could be handled by one person. Was the owner happier than me? I don't know.

Sea Dog

Sirdar said...

Happiness is a state of mind. A person can wake up and be happy, or not be happy. That is their choice.

Happy and grateful are not the same thing and it is a fine line.

Therefore, I am grateful for many things and that makes me happy. I am also happy when I can help someone in a difficult time whether at work or in my circle of friends.

dawn said...

I think there is something to being content with what you have. Just enough, to be content, and not content enough, to change things. I think being happy is an emotion, and being content is something one chooses. I can be happy when I am stressed, when the stress it what I enjoy, but when it is something I don't enjoy, the contentment leaves. I may still be happy or unhappy in either situation depending a lot on my physical health at the time. I get energized when I do things for others, and when I cook or work on to completion, a well thought out project. I guess when I have energy, or the feeling of satisfaction with a job well done, I become happy.

Jocelyn said...

Profound happiness is unexpected for me (everyday happiness is there all the time). I'd say seeing an unnecessary act of kindness can make happiness sweep through me, though.

Beth said...

I could create a list as you have done but I'm going to keep my answer very simple - just say what first came to mind after reading your question.
What makes me deep down overwhelming happy?
Sharing laughter with those I love.

Boo and Trev said...

A nice cup of tea and a lovley book with maybe some chocolate involved in the equation! (simple things....)

Helen said...

Family, friends, health, not worrying about any of these, plus having enough money not to worry about that create the opportunity for happiness. But some people can't take the opportunity because of predisposition, hormones etc, while others can, as Boo said, be happy with a cup of tea and a nice bun. I think happiness, or the tendency towards happiness is learned as a child to some degree. People from unhappy backgrounds ( I don't mean abused/neglected etc, I mean grumbling and arguing and bitching) have a much more difficult time being happy I think.

Beth said...

my family.

That's what it all comes down to. Yesterday, after dinner, in the evening..I had all of my kids here together, in the same house. Now this means so much to me, since I didn't have Betsy here until 4 years ago. But now she has 2 babies as well, and our home was full and happy.

that's all I ask for.

Trish said...

Good question and some good answers here.

I think happiness is only part of the equation. We put too much pressure on ourselves to be happy but I think being balanced is more realistic and more sustainable.

Sailing is a good analogy...the weather doesn't always stay the same, part of the fun is being able to manage the rise and fall of the wind and waves.

So for me happiness is being able manage life's changing tides without sustaining any damage.

If I feel balanced then I am happy.

I do also like a good laugh with my friends and family...that makes me happy too.

oreneta said...

Thank you all so very much. I cannot possibly add to what you have said, so I am simply going to thank you for your thoughtful answers...and comments.

It makes me happier to have had this dialogue with you all

Peace, love, happiness....

hombre ;-)