Thursday, November 8, 2007

A post that has been waiting for ages

I'm pretty tired and the day has been lovely and lively and nearly here I offer you a series of photos of the different type of motos there are. I feel pretty ambiguous about these machines. Kids can ride them from age 14 on, night and day, which is frankly insane...they're touring around the roundabouts with the giant trucks and *ssholes will jaguars....they die.

The idea of eldest on one in three years makes my knees go week.

By the same token, the idea of riding one myself has a certain appeal. They are so cool!

A girly bike..

Nice paint job! On the good ones you can store the helmet in the seat, and they all have this really cool clip where you can latch your bags or the top of your knapsack on so it doesn't slid off.

This ones catching some rays...

A beefier bike and a potential two seater

The yellow ones in behind are the official post office delivery vehicles...

The other style...a dirt bike. These are crazy annoying...they are incredibly loud and can go too fast, and the yobs on them do go too fast. Far to fast.

Rows of guy bikes. They have to carry their helmets, but that's cool, and they cannot carry anything on the bikes, so no errands are possible.

Nice comfy looking basic bike, it can take two easily...I like these friendlier ones that you can ride in a dress better.

A beat up bike....

This one is my favorite, by a long shot....SO COOOOOL!

We had a little excitement on the street today...there was a jack hammer running for hours and hours near was severely annoying, but look what happened?

Sorry the photo's a little fuzzy, but my feet were getting wet. So were my shins.
I took the photo after the water was being turned went up higher than that upper window and was thundering, rushing, roaring and torrenting down the street. The man had to go and get water from one of the local fonts and haul it back for dinner, just like his ancestors did for hundreds of years.

The water's back on now.


Beth said...

Those pictures remind me of the "motos" used in Bermuda. But I don't think kids can drive them at age 14. And maybe drivers in Bermuda aren't as crazy?

That was some waterfall. Hard to imagine it being higher than that window.

dawn said...

That is a lot of different motos. We have them here, but the are not very common. There are smaller ones younger kids can drive, but not on the road. I am not sure if they will ever be very popular here, due to the weather.

Like beth said, that was some waterfall.

Beth said...

I SOOOO want that first one, the pink is my favorite color and I would look really good, motoring around on that thing! How fast do they go?

Project Runway?..It's a show on the Bravo network...a competition among fashion designers, and the winner gets $100,000 to start their own fashion line of clothing.

It's great, catty, backstabbing, creative and lots of fun!

oreneta said...

Beth: The kids are sometimes a good deal smaller than the bikes. It's kinda scary.

Dawn: We get the dirt bikes in Canada that I've seen, but you aren't supposed to use them on the their legal.

Beth: The dirt bikes can go well above the limit if the rider is light...they are limited to a 49cc engine if that tells you anything...far too fast. Project runway looks funny, if a mite vicious...

Sirdar said...

Love the scooters. I looked at some this past summer. I asked how it would do on the highway. He told me it wouldn't go so good. The top speed was barely 80kms/hr. He figured I'd be killed. Thus, I never got one.

oreneta said...

Sirdar, the scooters are not allowed on the major highways here either, most of them cannot go fast enough, and the idea of fourteen year olds on the highways is just too scary to contemplate. They are really urban vehicles.