Friday, November 23, 2007

Angels and devils

We went to the opening of an art competition, that was semi-local, there were works from artists in the greater Barcelona area. Some of it, was very very good. Some, meh.....not so great. I came away rather intimidated I have to admit....when I go to a National gallery I expect it to be WAY better than what I can do. My my my, I am certainly quite a beginner still.

Nomad called this evening which was so many ways. I was telling her about this experience. The reality that we came to is that I don't want to be a great artist, I am not willing to make those kinds of sacrifices, I want to have some fun. So, it doesn't matter if they are way way better than I am, I can go and appreciate it just fine.

I got three books in Catalan out of the library to try and work on my vocabulary and practice the language and it's is a travel book to Iran...reading about Iranian poetry in Catalan should be quite the cross-cultural jaunt...Peter Mayle's A year in Provence, because I know the story, and Molly Moon, which if you have daughters of the right age you will have heard of, I am not sure it will be easy, but it might make a challenging read aloud...and I am hoping to tempt eldest as this is the third in the series of which she has read the first too.

Wish me luck. Hopefully one of them will be manageable.

One of the bureaucratic nightmares I have been dealing with is getting a health card. I went in yesterday with a Catalan friend to make my fourth application in the last year....we sent it off with good wishes. Well guess what came in the mail today?????? Yup, a health card. I wonder how many I will get in the end? I'm just glad to have one.

Today has actually been fairly brutal too, and I am glad it is over, but it is Friday, and everything looks better right now....tons and tons of work to do, but I am not as far behind in my Catalan class as I had thought, though I remain heartily confused, I missed too many classes in this unit.

Finally before I is a picture of a meal we had for dinner recently. It is made with a noodle similar to angel hair pasta....but cut short in a hot spicy sauce....

....eldest dubbed it 'devil's stubble'!


Trish said...

Iranian poetry in Catalan? Man oh man...that is something I have to get my brain around.

dawn said...

Yum, that looks good. I like some spicy food occasionally.

I admire your hard work in learning a new language. I suppose necessity is a great motivator, but it makes me tired thinking about it. I would just love to do some art sometime, but I think I will have to wait a few years. My youngest really wants to do art all the time, so in a few years when it is her and I around, perhaps we will do that together.

Beth said...

I hope you have a restful, peaceful weekend - since it sounds as though this week has been rather a rough one.

Your art is for you! (And for us to enjoy as well...)

oreneta said...

Trish: It's something I am struggling to get my brain around as well, let me tell you.

Dawn: Necessity is definately a great motivator...I love to read and talk to folks, and there just is no other way really....

Beth: I certainly need it, so good. and you are so write, the painting is for if you enjoy it, you too.