Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cranky people, and houses and happy me.

I've about had it with cranky people right now. Enough already, m'kay?

What is it, the chill in the air? The waning moon? Allergies?


The man and I went and looked at a house for rent in the area. We are very happy with the apartment, but if we could rent a house with a bit of a garden and a bit more room for much the same price....we don't want to move, but if something a whole lot better came up....

Anyway, this one we don't want. Pokey little rooms downstairs, a living/dining room big enough for a table and nothing more, so really no living room, or no dining room at all. An 'interior terrace' that felt like a very small very cold prison yard...tiled floor, two story+ walls and all of about 10 feet by 10 feet big.

Upstairs, there was the single most enormous bathroom I have ever seen in my life...bigger than the bedroom I have now, a slightly larger bedroom, and a second bedroom that has a weird thick stone partition wall partway down one side, leaving part of the room with about a seven foot ceiling, and about six feet wide, no lights no window.

Bedroom, complete with cave. Maybe they had teens in mind.

Strangely this was completely overhauled last year, so this is someone's idea of a good house design.

It is also on a busy street with a sidewalk that is about 6 an a half inches wide, and gets no sunshine ever and has no view of anything but concrete walls.

Plus we'd get to pay more rent.

No THANK you

ON another note altogether....

I bought a new item of clothing today!!!

OK, I'll admit this is not exactly as ground shaking as Obama's election or anything, but still.

When it gets cold out I just love me a turtleneck. I wear them pretty much every single day and I have for YEARS. That said, the individual turtle necks don't last all that long with all that wear. I only had one left, and it's orange. That's fine and all, but still

Well....I found a gorgeous black one...ribbed, thin, long enough to cover the gap left by the low-rise pants which is all you can buy right now ( this gap coverage is important when it is chilly) and fairly tightly cut so it looks good when it is worn alone and also fits under other outfits.

I am a happy - and toasty warm - camper.


Diane Mandy said...

When I was searching for a house in Germany, I was quite depressed by the quality and condition of many of the apartments. Is it difficult to find decent housing in Spain?

Anonymous said...

Turtlenecks always make me think some chelonian friend has been killed :(. Maybe because in French it's called "col roulé" (rolled neck), and doesn't have any animal connotation ;)

Carla said...

Will you keep looking? A bit of garden does sound nice.

My mom used to wear turtlenecks when I grew up... reading your turtleneck story reminded me of her.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Congrats on your purchase, and thanks for coming out of hiding on my blog. That was TOO funny! Glad you are enjoying my ramblings. I'm now following yours and will have to play catch up, but right now I have to go make supper before my other half has a bird.

Living in Spain, eh? I am so envious!

mmichele said...

It was nice to catch up! House hunting, new sweater, and all. I suppose it's nice when the decision is SO very clear, but it does sound lovely to have a house where you can garden almost(?) year round....

Diane Mandy said...

Your comments are very helpful.. I looked for your email address on your site to thank you personally, but didn''t see it. I'll check out the side bar for more information. Many at Max's company say to look in sant just or esplugues. Have you heard of these? But Max and I (in our dreams of dreams) would love to have a view of the sea. One other key point (besides a possibility for twins) we have a dog. So I want an area that will be safe enough for me to walk him around as my hubby will be traveling much more. And one more question...?Catalan-- is it more like French then Spanish? I studied Spanish three years in college and have a decent working knowledge of the language, but am wondering how hard it will be to learn yet another language. German was a killer.

Sorry to burn up your comments section!

oreneta said...

Diane, you are always welcome to burn up the comments section, and as you now know...I sent you an e-mail.

LP, a rolled neck...sounds kind of "off with her head-ish" you know what I mean....let the necks roll...

though I agree about the turtle neck does sound unpleasant....

Carla, we probably will in a passive kind of way, but the reality is that the prices here are supposed to drop and drop for the next while, so we would probably wait a bit anyway.

Doug...Vancouver Island is hardly a rough posting....and yes, glad I came out of hiding too.

mmichele...I don't know if we would ever move, there is so much we like about the apartment....but a garden would be nice.