Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting more modern

I have a cell phone in Canada.

I have avoided it like the plague here.

Seems my time is up.

Eldest wants a "mobile" as they are called, and as she starts wandering around town on her own more, and going to visit friend's houses more, seems I am going to have to start doing research into this here as well.

Does this mean I am going to have to carry one as well?


I don wanna


I hate hate hate being wired up all the time.

Am I the only one out there who really hates this?

The wireless umbilicus?


Beth said...

I hate it too. I only have mine for emergencies...and sometimes when I go somewhere...I shut my phone off. I KNOW!!! CRAZY huh? I just don't want someone to track me down, that's all. I like the quiet sometimes....

Anonymous said...

Use it like an answering machine or send sms to read later.
MAKE rules with your family as to when and how to use it.

Boo and Trev said...

I have come to love my mobile. It means over the summer when Erin decided to stay the night at a party she sent me a text. Didn't wake me but when I woke up a two and found she wasn't home I could tell she was safe by checking my phone. It means when friends and family are abroad they can share their experiences with a message or a photo without having to find an internet connection. Brilliant! I love them! Staying in contact with people is what keeps us human. Isn't that what I'm doing at this very minute but by computer?

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side, you'll be able to twitter again every five minutes?

Beth said...

Don't be afraid. It is just a tiny machine. YOU are the boss!!
ITA w/anonymous- make rules and it will be ok. Really!

Peter H said...

Treat it as a useful tool, not an umbilical cord.......like most others have indicated. All of that stuff from previous comments is GOOD ADVICE.

We are lucky, as coverage is not even close to 100% geographically in our region so you can always "be out of range" when YOU decide to not be available.

You are an adult remember, not a teenager!

oreneta said...

Beth...shut it off indeed. Part of the plan for sure.

GM, rules are good. I can do rules.

Boo, some aspects I like, I can twitter, I love texting, very cool, I will like not fussing about where eldest is, the photo thing is cool, and the music...just somehow.

LP, true true true...gotta look into the system here in Europe.

Beth...thanks...I'll remember that...I am bigger than it. Part of it is just that I hate carrying stuff. I try really hard to minimise the number of things I haul around with me everywhere. My wallet is smaller than most change purses, I wear a watch (reluctantly) here, blessedly, I get away with two keys. Now the phone.


Peter, and thank god for that.

aska said...

good news - phone replaces the watch! and the alarm clock! and the camera! and the mp3 player! and the GPS, and the map, and your laptop (if you go bberry or iphone) - can actually be quite handy - and you CAN put it on silent or turn it off...

oreneta said...

Replaces the watch...works for me. I have an alarm clock that I love very much...the man...no phone can replace him. Thinking about the camera...picture quality is not quite what I'll accept, call me fussy. GPS....ummmm....and I am not sure I am ready to enter the wonderful world of a bberry or iPhone...paying for my own....Silent I like.