Wednesday, November 5, 2008


*Happy Dance*


Anonymous said...

hmmm... yeah, I saw that, it was all over the news :p. Looks like there were lots of celebrations, even in TO

Anonymous said...


traveler one said...

Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Aska said...

Oh YES oh YES!!!!
Whatever you think of Obama - (personally think he's great!!!) the sheer FACT that he won gives me such a happy feeling that there is still hope for our world and mankind. SO historic - reminds me of Berlin wall coming down, end of apartheid - I mean think about it - a black man was elected PRESIDENT OF THE USA!!!! Is that not one of the greatest things to be alive to see or what!!!!!!!!!
Happy Dance summed that up more succinctly - but just want to say I am happy and hopeful whenever I think about it ;-) YES, WE CAN!

oreneta said...

LP, I am just so happy on so many levels about this election. It is such a good sign that the US is not swinging endlessly to the right and towards ignorance and fear-mongering. I am SO happy.

GM. The first thing he CAN do (yes he can) and fast is start to repair to the bridges and communication with the rest of the world, most of whom are MORE than eager to deal with him....GOOD GOOD GOOD....hopeful indeed.

Kim, *a long exhalation of releif* YEAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh indeed.

Aska...I so agree....SOOOOOOO thanks for dropping by! Si podem! Catalan for yes we can....had to answer the kid, no? It is a big moment...aparently Condoleeza Rice was nearly in tears of happiness when it happened. Gotta go haunt Youtube...