Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Made me laugh out loud.

Some teenagers are openly loving, usually respectful and often fun to be with.

Who are those children? Other people's. What is their parents' secret? They are lucky.

From this article. Please excuse the grammar error.


Anonymous said...

And remember: "Our kids are always 'Other people's' to everyone else"... :)

Funny article. And a bit sad, as well. I wonder how many kids that doctor has :)

oreneta said...

Yeah, I kind of didn't think all that much of the article. I thought it was horrible in fact, not becuase he thinks there is no hope for teen/adult interaction, but just the condescending view he has of them. It's all about sex??? MMmmmmm, NO.

Anyway, it was a funny line.

Beth said...

This is COMPLETELY off-topic, but
Happy thanksgiving! Hope yours is nicer than mine.

I'm off to read the article now. You guys have got me curious...

oreneta said...

I am sorry you're feeling bummed about Thanksgiving...we're Canadian, so it is kind of you...not our event...been there, done that...kind of....missing friends eh?

It's never all easy even with a stylish do like you have!